Do I Need an Employment Immigration Attorney?


When you put in your application for a USA green card or an employment immigrant visa, you are not required to hire an immigration lawyer for the process. But it is recommended due to the complexity of the process to have an experienced immigration lawyer by your side to get through the process easily and have the desired results for your visa application. Here in this article, we have discussed the scenarios where you might need assistance from an immigration lawyer.

1) You’re Confused about The Options You Have

If you have any marketable skills then you might be eligible for many types of visas and have chances of getting a green card but there are chances that you get confused in the options you have and don’t understand what to do at some point of the process. Immigration laws are constantly evolving and it is important to stay up to date on recent developments. Our London best immigration Lawyers can help you in choosing the best option for the visa that you must acquire depending on your needs and your qualification.

 2) You Are An Employer In Search Of International Talent

In case your organization is interested in hiring talent from overseas then it is better that you discuss the process with an immigration lawyer. Hiring international workers is not as easy as it seems, there are numerous requirements that need to be fulfilled before your employee can join our organization.

The employee you will hire will have to complete the process of  PERM (labor certification) first. The process of PERM is also not quite easy and has a lot of complications that make it hard for a common person to easily complete the process. The employee or employer if they are assisting their employee to get a visa must consult reliable immigration lawyers to get the best legal advice.

3) You Have a Complicated History With a High Rate Of Rejection

If you think that there are several issues in your employment visa case then our best Employment immigration lawyer can help give another look at your case and help prepare in a way that you will be able to get desired results.  Reasons that you might be considered inadmissible include having a criminal record, having no work sponsor and more. In case you want to resolve the issues and get the successful results for your employment immigration then you must contact an employment immigration lawyer before you start your visa process. can help you get through the process without any further issues. Once you are successful in achieving a job in an organization abroad then the next step before you move to that country will be getting and obtaining an employment visa.

The process that you might need to complete will depend on which category you prefer. For instance, people who apply for the EB-1 visa category that is reserved for people that have extraordinary abilities or are multinational executives do not require any labor certification from the Department of Labor and can apply on their own.

The other more common categories are EB-2 through EB-4, in this category a sponsor letter from employer to employee is required. The employee is also required to get a labor certification. The employer must confirm that the job vacancy is real and that hiring any worker from abroad will not have an adverse impact on salaries and job opportunities for existing citizens.

Each application submitted by visa applicant requires complete documents that prove the applicant has the required education and experience for the category preferred and that is also a major step in which you might need the help of an immigration lawyer as they will help you gather all the required documents and you won’t be risking the rejection of your visa application by missing any important document. 

With several years of visa experience, experts at are well versed in all types of cases. Experienced lawyers are well aware of which mistakes to avoid to prevent slowing down your visa process. We assist international hiring as well as employees to get things right the first time and to get their visa applications approved.


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