What to do if I’m injured in a Medical Center

Hospital Healthcare

Getting injured in an accident is painful, costly, and time-consuming. It is particularly frustrating if you are injured in a medical center. A medical facility is supposed to be a place to go to feel better and not to feel worse. Still, accidents happen in medical centers. You may be injured by a doctor, a staff member or you may have a slip and fall accident in the hospital.

No matter how you are injured, you should document everything and file an insurance claim. If litigation becomes necessary, you should hire an attorney who specializes in personal injury and file your suit before the statute of limitations has run out.

Medical Malpractice

If you are injured due to the negligence of a medical center employee, you can sue them. However, determining who is a medical center employee may not be as easy as you would think.

If you are injured by a  doctor who is treating you in a medical center, there is a good chance he is not a medical center employee. If a medical mistake is the fault of someone who assists the doctor, they may be the doctor’s employee or an employee of the center.

A good personal injury attorney will have a staff that can research who works for who and to whom papers should be served.

Make sure to provide your attorney with plenty of documentation. If your doctor has prescribed the wrong kind of medication, you should make sure that you save your prescriptions and the bottles they came in. Document any kind of side effects that you had as a result.

If your doctor misdiagnoses you, document all the times you went to see them and how much it cost you. You should also make note of any treatments you needed due to their misdiagnosis and how much time you missed away from work as a result of it.

You can be injured in a medical center if a staff member simply is not doing their job. If you are a patient who needs attention at specific intervals and a nurse or nurses assistant fails to take care of you in a timely fashion, it may be considered negligence.

Bedsores can result if a bedridden patient is not moved often enough and injury can result if you are moved improperly. Malnutrition and dehydration are also common occurrences in medical care facilities.

If a staff member at a medical facility is not wearing a facial covering or if they do not insist that everyone who enters wears facial covering, the medical center may be considered negligent if you get COVID 19.

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States and if you or a loved one were injured during surgery, there is a chance that you were injured by a medical professional’s negligence. If this happens, you will want to document all of the symptoms that you had and all of the treatment that was needed as a result.

Slip and Fall Accidents

If you take a spill in a medical center or in any other business, you should take a good look around you to see if the owners of the facility may be responsible for your injury. Hospitals are busy places and they are required to clean often.

Wet floors, wheelchairs, and other equipment may be left haphazardly around a building. If you slip on a wet floor or over a piece of equipment, and the area was not marked, you may be able to sue them for negligence.

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