The Devastating Impact of Back Injuries

chronic pain
An old woman sleeping - Photo by: friend JAD

If you have ever suffered a back injury that affected your mobility and caused you pain, then you will understand just how much it impacts your life. From not being able to perform everyday tasks like getting dressed to being completely bed-bound, it can be very frustrating to suffer from a back injury of any severity level.

Even small twinges can massively impact your mobility, and simple household chores become too painful to complete. Not only can you suffer from pain and discomfort, but you can also suffer mentally. Not being able to go to work or get on with your everyday life can be depressing and if it is happening for a prolonged period of time, it can be agonizing just waiting for your pain to go away and enable you to get on with your life. You can take strong painkillers to ease off your pain but only after a recommendation by a doctor.

Did you know that at least 80% of adults will suffer a back injury in their lifetime? Many of these injuries can happen in the workplace, so if you are concerned about any element of your safety in the workplace, you should check the OSHA website for advice. You employer has a responsibility to keep all employees safe from accidents and injury and anything from carrying heavy loads to having the wrong sitting posture in work can cause back problems.

Also, you should assess the setup of your desk if you work at a desk to ensure that your PC and chair are set up adequately to prevent injury. Many office workers suffer back and neck injuries in the workplace because they don’t follow the guidelines on posture. Small and infrequent aches and pains may seem trivial now, but you could end up with serious problems later in life through years of bad posture.

Of course, the workplace is not the only place that back injuries arise. Car accidents are a common cause of back and neck problems and even what seems like a minor bump can lead to some severe back problems. Your spine is fragile and can be injured in so many different ways. If you do suffer a car accident, and even if you don’t feel injured straight away, you should seek legal advice from a car accident lawyer. Injuries can develop days, weeks or even longer after the accident and you may end up paying large medical bills if you do not seek the advice of a lawyer.

Many people suffer from chronic back pain and have to manage their pain through prescribed medication or even herbal remedies. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from back pain, then be aware of the potential addiction to painkillers. This happens more than you might think, so if there are other methods of pain relief available to you then try not to get into the habit of relying on strong painkillers. Many medical experts recommend that you should try to get some exercise to relieve your chronic pain rather than trying to rest, so painkillers are not the only answer.