4 Things To Do When You Sustain An Injury At Work

injury at work

Although most employers have established safety procedures to improve workplace safety as mandated by law, untoward incidents still happen that could lead to injuries. Workplace injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to life-threatening injuries that can cause lifetime disabilities or in worst-case scenarios, death. 

Workplace injuries, if left untreated, can become much worse really quickly. Hence, it’s important that you know what to do in case you or a colleague at work happens to sustain a work-related injury. 

Lucky for you, this post is here to help you out. Here are important things to do in the aftermath of a workplace injury:  

Get Help From A Lawyer

One of the things to do if you’ve sustained a personal injury at work is to contact a lawyer. Filing a workplace accident claim is easier said than done. It’s a complicated legal process, so hiring a personal injury lawyer is vital.  

A personal injury lawyer can help you to maximize your injury claim in many ways. For instance, they can use their expertise to bargain for adequate settlement. Besides, they can help bring together all the elements that can help build a strong case. For example, they can help determine the actual damage you’ve suffered in the said workplace accident. 

Some victims consider it an expense to hire a workplace injury lawyer. But you can save a lot of money by seeking legal assistance to represent you. For instance, they guide you to ensure you aren’t making mistakes that could hurt your compensation. In fact, most personal injury attorneys work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. This means you’ll only pay the lawyer after winning the case, which is a small percentage of your total compensation.  

Seek Medical Attention

It’s common for people to avoid going to the hospital, especially for minor injuries. Improving health should be your priority; therefore, ensure you visit the nearest hospital once injured at the workplace. The doctor will examine your body and offer the right treatment for any visible or internal injuries. This helps boost your recovery and health.  

Besides improving your recovery, seeking medical attention can help build a strong workplace injury case. Doctors will give you a full assessment report of your injuries you can present to judges as evidence of the accident. 

Additionally, the medication bills you get from your doctor are one of the components to consider when computing the total value of your case. Therefore, visiting a hospital once injured at the workplace is vital to improve your recovery and strengthen your lawsuit.  

Take Photographs And Videos Of The Accident

The success or failure of your at-work accident injury case will majorly depend on the amount of evidence you provide. Without evidence, winning the case would be impossible, let alone receiving the right compensation. Taking photographs and videos can help collect and document enough evidence of the accident.  

In most cases, the employer will want to accuse you of the accident and your injuries. But you can avoid being liable for the mistake by photographing and recording the scene. They’ll show exactly how the situation was when the accident happened. For instance, if the injury is caused by faulty equipment, photos will tell the truth. And if you fell because the floor was slippery and the employer never put up any warning signs, the photos and videos will show how things were at that moment.  


Also, taking photos of any visible injury on your body is vital. With proper medical care, the injured parts of your body will heal gradually, and the damaged tissues will get replaced with new ones. Therefore, after weeks or months, your body might not show any sign of an injury, which may hurt your compensation. Pictures, nonetheless, will always show how your injuries looked like at the start.  

Inform Your Manager About Your Injury 

As soon as you’re injured at work, it’s important to report the incident to the management. Look for your supervisor or manager and inform them of the accident. They’ll advise and guide you in writing an official workplace injury report.  

Informing your manager of the incident will allow the employer to improve workplace environments. If you don’t tell them, they might not know where they need to make changes or improvements. And therefore, you’ll continue working in the same dangerous environments, thus putting your life at more risk.  


If you sustain an injury at the workplace, your focus should be to seek compensation. When you suffer any damage due to another person’s carelessness, the state gives you the right to file a compensation case under the law. Hiring a lawyer, seeking medication, taking photos of the scene, and informing your supervisor are important steps you need to take when you sustain an injury at work.