Will Kratom Help You Gain More Energy?

Kratom leaves

Fatigue can seem a mild problem, but in certain instances can have deadly consequences. Workplace fatigue tends to affect shift workers the worst. They often work long hours and have odd schedules. This can lead to problems with healthy sleep and can increase the risk of developing health conditions like obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. Fatigue can also impair one’s ability to focus, leading to increased dangers where machinery and other dangerous equipment are being operated. 

Even students can suffer from fatigue. As much as 26.6% of students reportedly suffer fatigue weekly, a problem that affects their ability to concentrate in class, study on their own, and even sit exams effectively. Kratom offers a natural solution for this problem that will help boost energy levels and improve focus for long periods and without sudden burnout.

Can Kratom Work for Energy and Focus?

Kratom is an effective way to boost energy and focus. It has been traditionally used for centuries in Southeast Asia as a natural pain reliever and energy booster. It is the latter benefit that makes it ideal for those seeking a way to resolve their fatigue without having to indulge in copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks. This stems from its stimulant effect that has aided Asian farmworkers to put in long hours of work while chewing the fresh leaves. Research has shown that certain strains of Kratom at certain doses are particularly helpful in boosting energy, making them a solution for those that suffer from fatigue. 

Why is Kratom Your Best Option for Energy?

Most people will reach for coffee or an energy drink to boost their energy levels. However, high caffeine consumption can cause many health problems including insomnia, restlessness, an elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure, headaches, and stomach irritation. When energy drinks are consumed in large amounts, they can also cause the same symptoms. In worst-case scenarios, they can even cause seizures and death. The U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted research that showed that 1 in 10 energy-drink-related emergency room visits resulted in hospitalization. 

Kratom is a natural remedy that may be effective at boosting energy levels. It naturally boosts metabolism and blood circulation that ensures body cells get the oxygen and food they need for the enhanced release of energy. It even has additional health benefits such as pain relief and as an aid in helping people overcome opioid addiction. When the correct strain and dosage are taken, it makes for a highly effective solution that promotes vitality and focus.  

What Are the Top Kratom Strains That Can Be Used for Producing Energy? 

Different strains of Kratom have different therapeutic properties. When you stumble upon kratom powder for sale, make sure they are from reputable vendors and also, research to understand which strains will work best in boosting energy levels. 

  • White Maeng Da – This strain contains high levels of mitragynine that make it an effective stimulant that helps to promote mental clarity and alertness. It is a particularly strong strain that has elevated levels of flavonoids and alkaloids. A good option where there is a need for improved productivity and focus.  
  • Green Maeng Da – This is perhaps the most commonly used strain for energy-boosting. Widely popular in Thailand, it also helps to stabilize moods and relieve anxiety. This is a good option for those that are studying or looking for a daily boost for work. 
  • White Borneo Kratom – As the name suggests, this strain originates from Borneo where it is often taken as a morning beverage to get the day started on the right foot. It is a good energy booster and can provide some level of pain relief. 

What Is the Right Kratom Dose for Inducing Energy?

Kratom powder can be bought in loose form or as a capsule. There is no strict dosage to abide by. Beginners should start with the prescribed dosage on the product packaging. From here you can tell within a short time what amount of Kratom works best in achieving your goal of boosting energy levels. 

Can Kratom Keep You Stay Energized During the Whole Day?

Yes. For milder strains and at low doses, the effect of Kratom can last just a couple of hours. At higher doses the impact can be more extensive, lasting as much as 8 hours. This should be enough to guarantee a productive day’s work. However, as said, beginners should start at prescribed doses to learn what effect their use of Kratom will elicit. Also note that consuming the loose powder will lead to quicker absorption, especially if taken on an empty stomach. 


Fatigue can affect a person’s ability to fulfill their obligations. Kratom offers a natural and effective solution that comes with minimal health risks. Talk to a doctor that is familiar with Kratom use for advice on how best to go about its consumption for the energy boost you need.