Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Getting That Cavity Filled

Fear of the dentist

Tooth cavities are common. Most people have had at least one in their life. Unfortunately, it’s also common for people to put off getting them filled. No one likes a visit to the dentist but it’s important not to postpone management of cavities. Here is why.

The pain interferes with life

If you have ever had a tooth cavity you know how difficult it is to function with the pain. Initially your teeth become sensitive making cold and hot drinks unpleasant. Your menu is limited further when hard foods became too painful to bite into. Away from the dining table, your sleep is also compromised. Unless you are on painkillers, it’s hard to sleep through a toothache and insomnia is inevitable. Finally the pain becomes so severe that opening your mouth is difficult. At this point, you keep your speech to a minimum. Since the pain comes in pangs, it doesn’t take long before you are unable to go on about your normal life. The only solution to the pain is getting the cavity filled. Drugs and warm fluids are only a temporary fix.

It only gets worse

Tooth cavities rarely go away. Once damage on your enamel has begun, it only gets worse. Cavities develop when bacteria in your mouth digest food debris on the tooth surface and produce harmful acidic by-products. Plaques (combination of bacteria, food debris and saliva) form on the surface of the tooth and facilitate dissolution of the enamel. Cavities (holes) develop on the surface as a result of the dissolution and expose sensitive layers of the tooth. This process progresses further if the cavity is not sealed. Although you may manage to clear out the plaque and give temporary relief, the cavity remains a good spot for formation of more plaque. The only way to fix tooth cavities is to fill them.

Fillings may save your teeth 

Cavities compromise the integrity of teeth. When the damage begins, it doesn’t take long before your teeth are not salvageable. The initial damage only affects the surface. However, further damage affects deeper layers of the tooth and can extend to the deepest parts. Once the root cavity and pulp are severely damaged chances of saving the tooth are slim. Damage can also extend to the jaw bone but this is a severe complication. Filling cavities early may be what you need to save your teeth. Fillings restore the integrity of teeth and guaranteed years of full performance. If you have a cavity don’t let the window period close, get a filling.

Filling is a simple solution

Most people think filling a cavity is a painful and complex process. The thought keeps most people away from the dentist as their cavity gets worse. Frankly, filling a cavity is almost painless and quite simple. Local anesthesia is used to ensure the procedure is pain free. The anaesthesia used depends on the procedure and the patient’s predilection. Moreover, painkillers are given after the visit to ensure pain is managed well as you recover. The materials used to fill the cavity include composite, amalgam and gold. Selection of the filling material depends on the size of your cavity, the tooth involved and personal preference. Cavities are filled in a short, simple procedure. Therefore, there is nothing to fear.

It’s cheaper to fix cavities early

Simple cavities are inexpensive to handle. However, as the damage progresses the management options become costly. Once a tooth is not salvageable, the cost of removal and replacement is high. Therefore, it’s financially sound to sort cavities as soon as they form.  So don’t delay that dental appointment any longer and go get your crown fitted by the dentist in concord.

Don’t put off filling your cavities. The consequences are dire.