Why Should You Go From an RN to a BSN?

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Are you looking for a career where you get to help people? If so, then you might be thinking about a career in healthcare. There are numerous career paths within healthcare that you can take, but one of the most popular is to become a nurse. As a registered nurse, you get the opportunity to provide direct patient care. Because nurses are in such high demand right now, there are plenty of opportunities for you to find a competitive job. At the same time, if you want to further your career, then you may be thinking about becoming a BSN. Fortunately, there are plenty of fast RN to BSN online options. What are some of the top benefits of progressing from an Associate Degreee in Nursing to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

You Can Learn New Skills

One of the first reasons why you should consider earning your bachelor’s degree is that you will learn a lot of new skills. As a registered nurse, you already have a lot of skills that you use to take care of patients. At the same time, there are other skills out there that you can master. This gives you access to a more comprehensive patient care skillset that you can use to advocate for those in your care. You will also learn a lot of logistical skills that can help you navigate the healthcare system and further your career.

You Can Command a Higher Salary

Of course, one of the biggest reasons why you should consider earning your BSN is that you can earn more money. Right now, nurses are in high demand. Therefore, there are opportunities for you to apply for jobs that already pay you relatively well. At the same time, you may deserve more money if you earn your bachelor’s. As a registered burse with a bachelor’s degree, potential employers will know that you have a wide range of additional skills that could make you useful to the hospital system. Therefore, think about earning your baccalaureate degree if you want to earn more money.

You Open Administrative Doors

As a registered nurse, there is a lot that you have to do during the course of the day. Even though you look at patient care, there may come a time when you are ready to transition out of the clinical setting. If you are not ready to retire, you need to look elsewhere for career opportunities. You might be interested in transitioning into the administrative area. If you want to compete for administrative jobs, then you may need to have an undergraduate degree. When you earn your bachelor’s degree online, you will learn a lot of skills that can make you an effective administrator in the future. If you want to learn more about hospital administration, think about advancing your education.

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You Open the Door To New Degree Options

Finally, after you are done earning your BSN, you do not necessarily have to stop there. For example, you might be interested in earning a master’s degree down the road. If you want to apply to master’s programs in the future, you need to have a bachelor’s degree on your résumé. Otherwise, you might have a difficult time getting accepted. If you earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you might have an easier time getting into a Master’s program down the road. Think about turning this into a journey of lifelong learning by pursuing a master’s program after you earn your bachelor’s degree.

Consider Moving From an RN to a BSN

Ultimately, these are just a few of the biggest reasons why you should consider moving from an RN to BSN. Even though there is a lot of good work you can do as a registered nurse, you could open new doors for yourself if you decide to further your education. While this means that you do have to go back to school to take the classes, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to take a long time. You can actually earn your degree online, so you should take a look at a few program options that are available to you. If you decide to earn your Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you might be able to compete for better jobs and open the door to new career opportunities down the road.