Why People Smoke CBD Hemp Flower?


When people first hear about the concept of smoking CBD-only hemp, they often wonder why anyone would do so. Without the psychotropic effects for which the Cannabis plant is known, why do people still enjoy smoking this plant? The answer comes down to a popular and medically important ingredient: Cannabidiol, better known as CBD. The benefits of this substance are so numerous and well-documented that CBD flowers have become popular in short order. 

Pain Relief

There are lots of people who deal with chronic pain whether large or small. Unfortunately, medical science often treats chronic pain with the use of opioid painkillers. While effective, these are so addictive that their usage has to be limited. Unfortunately, that leaves people reaching for aspirin, acetaminophen, and other weak painkillers. CBD offers a good middle-ground option that offers effectiveness with little to no potential for addiction.

There is scientific evidence to show that CBD is effective in the treatment of chronic pain. For instance, consider this study conducted on cancer patients. These patients had chronic pain that could not be fully treated with opiates. Surprisingly, a combination of THC and CBD proved to be very effective. Some people might say that the study is tainted because the CBD was mixed with THC, but here’s the thing: The researchers also tested THC alone and they found it to be less effective. 

Anxiety Relief

As with chronic pain, there are lots of people who suffer from some degree of anxiety. This is another case in which people are turning to CBD because mainstream medicine has failed to provide a good solution. Mental health professionals generally treat anxiety with a variety of drugs, many of which have proven to be dangerous. These people sometimes use their patients as guinea pigs to test medicines that haven’t been around long enough to be fully understood. CBD is surely a lot safer than that!

According to numerous studies, CBD has an anti-anxiety effect on its users. In response to this, these researchers attempted to determine exactly how CBD might do that. They used neuroimaging technology to assess the moods of the test subjects. To assess the efficacy of CBD, they also tested a placebo for comparison. 

It is interesting to compare the differences between the “physical sedation” graph and the “mental sedation” graph. We can see that the CBD had little effect on physical sedation and a very large effect on mental sedation. This also explains why many people say that CBD from Mr Hemp Flower helps them to relax. It was determined that CBD’s sedative effects were the result of changes in blood flow to the brain. 

Seizure Relief

This is a less-common reason for CBD use, but it should be noted nevertheless. This substance has often been found to be effective in the treatment of seizures. It has been particularly effective in the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Only about one in 50,000 people are afflicted with this syndrome. However, those who do have this problem are often in a bad predicament. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome has proven to be resistant to most standard methods of treatment. CBD seems to be one of the only things that can help these people. 

According to this study, CBD produces a drop of roughly 50% in the number of seizures suffered by Lennox-Gastaut patients. For some patients, the reduction was even greater (as high as 80%). That is a drastic change and explains why CBD was so quickly adopted as a treatment for this syndrome. For comparison, the placebo produced a reduction of 18%. 

It’s worth noting that CBD has actually been evaluated by the FDA and approved to treat Lennox-Gestaut syndrome. To be more specific, they approved a CBD-containing drug known as Epidiolex. It is also used to treat Dravet syndrome which is quite similar. Based on all this, there is no doubt that CBD Hemp is a good way to treat or help prevent seizures. It is useful for at least two conditions and may prove useful for others in the future.

Reduction Of Inflammation

Just as CBD can help with pain, it can also help with inflammation. Of course, the term “inflammation” covers a lot of ground. It includes a huge variety of conditions, but CBD can help with many of them. Interestingly, it seems to control inflammation by affecting the brain rather than the site of the inflammation itself. This information fits very well with what we have learned so far. 

This study gives some important evidence on the matter. They tested CBD preparations on a group of people (and mice) that were suffering from intestinal inflammation. In the case of the mice, the inflammation had been artificially induced so that they could serve as a control group. It seems that the CBD triggered reactions in the neuroimmune system which helped to counteract the inflammation. 

One of the most encouraging things about this research is the fact that CBD didn’t just affect the symptoms. It seems that the CBD also reduced the amount of intestinal damage done by IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), meaning that it addressed the root of the problem. For this reason, CBD presents a new and highly effective way to treat inflammation. Rather than treating the site of the inflammation, it is now possible to treat the brain reactions that cause inflammation in the first place.


There are other CBD benefits that have been found. However, these seem to be the most frequently cited. When you ask someone why they enjoy smoking Hemp, they are likely to give you one of the above reasons. The surprising thing is that these benefits are very well-proven. We are surprised at how much research has been done in recent years, but that only goes to show that CBD has an amazing amount of medical potential. Aside from that, it has some definite mental health benefits as well. We can only assume that more uses will be found with time, but these are a very good start indeed!