New York’s Best Flowers with Sahola – Get the color therapy at home

red flowers

Flowers, long considered decoration, have also attracted the attention of researchers in recent decades with their potential impact on human health. From a windowsill flowers to a bouquet in a vase, flowers can have a variety of effects on a person’s physical and mental state. Let’s find out more about it!

Flowers have a unique ability to cause emotional reactions in humans. This applies to absolutely all types of flowers. For example, flowers of warm shades (red, yellow or orange) can stimulate activity and improve mood. Cold shades, such as blue or purple, can, on the contrary, calm, relax, reduce stress.

And if there are flowers in the room and warm and cold shades at the same time, then depending on the situation, on the state and mood, a person will involuntarily linger on those colors that are more useful to him now. For example, in a depressed state, a person will first look at a calmly blue violet, admire it, calm down, take attention away from aggravating thoughts. And when his condition reaches a normal, balanced level, his eyes themselves refocus on the neighboring pot, in which the same violet blooms, but only pink, with a white border. And now a small, barely noticeable smile appeared on the face of the beholder.

Its wonder if this is the reason why the most bought flower in New York on Christmas Eve – poinsettia. After all, this flower has both red and green tones. Moreover, natural, saturated tones! That is, it is a universal flower, for any human emotion or feeling.

But this is only the mood and feelings. What about something more tangible?

Studies show that the mere presence of flowers in the house can affect the production of hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. This is especially true for residents of New York and any other big city, where flowers on the street are rare. But endorphins, known as happiness hormones, can increase.

when perceiving natural colors, which can help fight depression and stress. Serotonin, in turn, can be stimulated by flowers, having a beneficial effect on sleep and overall resistance to stress.

That is, flowers are a double therapy against stress! It is not surprising that color therapy has been practiced in recent decades.

Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is a treatment method that uses different colors to affect a person’s physical and emotional well–being. A bouquet of flowers, presented or even purchased independently, can have the most unexpected positive effects on health. Viewing the color spectrum in a bouquet can be a kind of “color therapy session”, affecting various aspects of the psyche.

A bouquet of flowers as a form of therapy

Suppose you live in the heart of America – in New York. But this heart is very strict, noisy, chaotic. And you are constantly in such a flow, without the ability to fix it or at least suspend it. Therefore, a bouquet of flowers can be not just a wonderful decoration of your life and home, but also a kind of source of psychological comfort. As mentioned above, a simple observation of a variety of shades and shapes of colors can have a beneficial effect on the mental state of a person. And a healthy psyche is the key to the health of the whole organism and an important link on the way to success.

nice flowers

Bouquets of flowers provide a unique opportunity to perceive the diversity of the color spectrum. Each color carries its own energy and symbolism, creating a unique atmosphere. Try to find two identical flowers. It won’t work! This means that the range of emotions presented by the flower will also be unique. And different flowers in a bouquet can become a metaphor for the diversity of life situations, which, in turn, contributes to psychological adaptation to changes – a person becomes more stress-resistant, more adaptable. A person begins to feel more positive about changes in life! Just watching the colorful buds can be an emotional relaxant. Someone needs to go to the lake, someone to go to the water park, and for someone it will be enough just to admire the great diversity created by nature.

Why bouquets mean so much to us humans:

A bouquet presented with love will have another, one might say healing, property – every time you look at it, you will involuntarily remember both the moment of giving and the person giving it. And this is a double influx of emotions – both from the situation and from the person!

That’s how an ordinary bouquet of flowers, presented for an occasion or for no reason at all, can become a lifesaver from overwork or stress, from depression or sadness. But this is an ordinary bouquet.

But there are also quite extraordinary, beautiful bouquets. For example, Sahola Flowers shop (in the heart of New York) as an experiment, created a Christmas bouquet containing not only flowers and decorative ornaments, but also… real fir cones and fir branches! Needless to say, to the beauty, color and well-known smell of flowers, a rich aroma of pine needles will also be added. And this is a completely different conversation – after all, you can read more than one hundred articles about the benefits of coniferous phytoncides.

That’s how things and events that seem familiar to us and occur every day can have completely unusual, but very pleasant and useful features. The main thing is to remember them in time. As well as about the one who gave us the opportunity to admire, enjoy and just feel all this. Flowers are all that and much more.