Why a Thorough Medical Exam is Necessary Following a Car Accident

Neck pain

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know that the minutes immediately following the collision are some of the stiffest moments of your life. After you resolve the situation, you should take a moment to catch your breath and assess your physical condition. If you are not in too much pain, you can be sure that nothing serious has happened. It may lead you to believe that you do not need medical attention.

The most important thing you can do after a car accident is to get a medical examination from a reputable doctor while seeking legal assistance. However, this can only be done by an experienced attorney, such as Stewart J. Guss injury accident lawyers. The experienced attorney can handle your car accident claims after impact and insurance payouts. 

This blog will explain the benefits of medical examination after an automobile accident.

Diagnose Thoroughly Your Injuries

Your adrenaline will be at an all-time high after a car accident, so you may not feel any immediate pain because you’re so pumped. However, as time passes after a collision, symptoms that could indicate underlying illnesses, such as traumatic brain injury, internal bleeding, soft tissue damage, or whiplash, may begin to appear.

You don’t want to put your health at risk by skipping doctor visits because you “feel better” after an accident.

Start Your Medical Treatment

After a car accident, a doctor will thoroughly examine you to look for any potential problems (Be careful to mention that you were in an accident). They may want to order tests such as X-rays, CT scans, etc. Or an MRI to determine the best course of action, they should perform a neurological exam and, based on any symptoms.

Getting care as soon as possible increases your chances of a full recovery if you suffer an injury. Going to the doctor too late can result in worsening injuries, delay recovery, and make your life worse than it needs to be.

Settle Your Compensation Claim

It is essential to understand that going to the doctor after an accident is crucial. This is because then the doctor can fully examine you and provide you with a report of the injuries that you have sustained. Oftentimes, this report is very important when settling your compensation claim because it provides evidence that you have sustained injuries in the accident. 

Request Medical Reimbursement from the Insurance Provider

Although physical therapy, medical expenses, surgery, and other expenses may be high, you may be entitled to compensation if you were not at fault. A personal injury case requires a doctor’s visit, proper care, complete medical records with diagnosis, and medical receipts. However, you must initiate a personal injury lawsuit against the non-liable party and provide medical documentation to receive reimbursement for the prescriptions from the at-fault party.


In addition to the fact that for medical examinations, hiring an experienced attorney can help schedule doctor’s appointments and conduct a thorough medical evaluation. 

A medical examination can help prove that you received the medical care you needed after the collision. If you have an invisible injury, it can also be helpful to show that you have tried to take all the necessary steps.