How to Whiten Teeth at Home with Natural Remedies

Smiling white teeth

Movie stars and celebrities all have glowing pearly whites. But it isn’t realistic to expect you or the people you know to have bright white teeth. Everyone’s teeth are a slightly different color, just like their skin tone. Additionally, most of us develop color on our teeth as we age, or if we drink a lot of beverages that can stain teeth.

However, you may still want to get your smile a little bit whiter, and there are many ways to do that. One way is by dropping by dentists like to explore the various treatment options. In this article, we’ll talk about how to whiten teeth at home, specifically with more natural remedies, for a smile you can be more confident about.

Make Sure There Are No Medical Factors Making Your Teeth Yellow

If you have a medical issue that makes your teeth yellow, it won’t matter how much you try to whiten them, you won’t be able to do so. You may be able to whiten them with professional intervention, but it will be very difficult to do so at home.

For example, if you’re using specific antibiotics, especially in the long-term, your teeth may turn yellow. Some supplements have acid in them that can make your teeth begin to go off-color. You may also develop yellow teeth if you have a nasal obstruction and can’t breathe through your nose. Constantly breathing through your mouth can affect the color.

Those who have Sjogren’s disease, or any disease in which their mouth is very dry, may also experience discolored teeth. This is because a lack of saliva means you can’t protect the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to further damage. Additionally, as you age, your teeth may naturally turn a darker shade of yellow than you would like.

Lastly, if you have taken in too much fluoride, particularly as a child, this can create discoloration. For some, this discoloration isn’t yellow but is a darker grayish color. The above factors should be discussed with your doctor or dentist before tackling the effects of them on your teeth.

Be Conscious of What You Eat and Drink

A diet of heavily processed food can contribute to discolored teeth. If you’re worried about your teeth turning yellow, or any other color but white, you should alter your diet to one that is more concentrated on fruits and vegetables. Drinking soda, coffee or tea can also change the color of your teeth. If you’re serious about keeping them white, either switch your beverages to clear alternatives, or use a straw when you drink them so that they bypass the visible area of your teeth.

Brush Your Teeth After Meals

Lingering food can hang onto your teeth, causing the stains to set in. Brush your teeth as soon as possible after eating to avoid this. You may also wish to brush your teeth after consuming any item that could potentially stain your teeth, especially if you drink stain-causing beverages without a straw. Generally, caring for your teeth well will ensure that you keep stains away, medical issues notwithstanding. 

Baking Soda

Making a paste with baking soda and a tiny bit of water can help brighten up your teeth. It doesn’t contain peroxide, so it won’t make your teeth instantly white, but it can help brush plaque away. Be warned, though, that using baking soda for your teeth too often can create further problems. This can brush away the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to tooth sensitivity.

Limit brushing with baking soda itself, or purchase toothpaste with baking soda in it. These kinds of toothpaste give you the benefits of brushing with baking soda without the drawbacks, like brushing off the enamel.

Coconut Oil Pulling

If you’re into alternative medicine, you’ve probably heard all of the benefits of coconut oil. One way many people use it is for oil pulling. You can do this one of two ways. The first way is putting a little bit on your toothbrush and brushing your teeth with it.

The second way to do it is by taking 10mls of natural organic oil like coconut, olive or sesame seed oil and swish it around your mouth for 20 mins. It might be hard to do for someone who is just starting with this, so try doing it with shorter time intervals. 2-5 minutes for beginners should be sufficient but will have to be done on a regular basis until you can build yourself up to 20 mins. Once you have reached that time range you only need to do it twice a week.

Do not swallow the oil. It isn’t dangerous if you find yourself mistakenly doing so, but it can cause illness, induce nausea and create an unhealthy build-up of fats in your body. Be mindful of spitting it in the bin to avoid clogging the drain and any dental procedures you have that could be affected by the oil. Braces, especially clear braces, could show build up so keep clear if it starts to show. 

Whitening Alternatives

If you’ve done everything possible to whiten your teeth, and you’re still not seeing results, you can try over-the-counter teeth whitening strips and solutions. These can be harsh, though, and some people find that they’re a little bit too rough of their teeth and cause pain in their gums.

See more here for more information on a few other ways to whiten your teeth, including in-office procedures that your dentist can do. Many of these can be done in just one visit, and you’ll leave the office with a brighter smile.

If you have permanent tooth damage due to fluoride use as a child, aging, or other issues, we previously mentioned that whitening products won’t work as well. But all hope is not lost. In this case, you can still get your teeth whitened, but you may need further intervention. Many dentists can do veneers and bonding to give you seriously white teeth which gives you an entire mouth makeover.

How to Whiten Teeth at Home: Final Thoughts

How to whiten teeth at home involves a combination of preventative care and using interventions every so often. But as long as you take good care of your teeth, and have no other underlying medical conditions, you can be sure that your pearly whites stay pearly white.

While dental health is often separated from physical health, keeping up with your teeth is very important for your overall well-being. Interested in even more content about health? Check out the rest of our website for everything you need to keep you in the best health possible.