Where can I get a medical marijuana card in West Palm Beach?

Medical marijuana prescription

You’ve probably heard about the legalization of medical marijuana in West Palm Beach, and you may have been wondering whether it was something you could apply for if you needed to. Now that you have an opportunity to do so, where can you go to get your medical marijuana card? 

While there are various ways to apply, this article will focus on locations where you can find a medical marijuana doctor in West Palm Beach who is certified to prescribe it to offer you a medical marijuana card. 

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a medical marijuana card in West Palm Beach, FL!

What is a medical marijuana card, and what does it allow you to do?

A medical marijuana card enables you to receive treatment for severe and chronic illnesses. This will help decrease the side effects of traditional treatment methods, manage pain, and improve quality of life. 

The process involves an evaluation with a medical marijuana doctor West Palm Beach by an onsite physician supervised by members of the American Osteopathic Association or the Medical Society of Georgia. 

You must qualify with at least one of four debilitating diseases or conditions recognized by Florida law (cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma, Crohn’s disease). You can also be approved if you have a terminal illness, meaning you will likely die within 12 months or your life expectancy is less than 12 months. 

If approved, the medical marijuana doctor in west palm beach will determine how much medical cannabis you are eligible to purchase per day and what dosage strength would work best for your condition. 

After completing this registration process, medical marijuana doctors in west palm beach should provide you with a medical marijuana ID card.

What are the different types of cards for West Palm Beach residents

West Palm Beach residents might wonder, where can I get a medical marijuana card? To answer that question, you’ll need to know what type of card you need. One must have an appropriate medical condition and apply for a medical marijuana ID card through their physician. If you’re not yet an MMJ patient and want to explore whether it could help with your symptoms or anxiety, you’ll need to go through the doctor’s process. 

Different types of cards include those for minors (18 years old and younger), senior citizens (65 years old and older), and terminally ill people. So, if you are 18 or younger, 65 or older, or diagnosed with a terminal illness such as cancer or HIV/AIDS, you should get in touch with your physician today! 

The majority of physicians will require proof of diagnosis before they provide recommendations. A licensed physician can prescribe medical cannabis anytime during your treatment program, so don’t delay getting on board!

Medical marijuana

How do you qualify

To qualify for a medical marijuana card, you must first be a Florida resident and have one of the following qualifying conditions: Cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, PTSD, or multiple sclerosis. You must also be over 18 years old and not have any drug-related felonies. 

If you meet these requirements, you must visit one of the medical offices and complete your medical records form (note that this can take up to 24 hours). 

The next step is scheduling an appointment with a qualified medical marijuana doctor in west palm beach who will review your condition and history. If they determine that your situation qualifies under state law, they will give you a letter recommending medical marijuana use, which will be mailed out on their behalf. 

Once the application has been approved, the Department of Health releases your ID card in 3-5 business days. With your identification card, you can go into any dispensary nearby and purchase products that are legal for patients with a medical marijuana ID card.

How much will it cost?

In West Palm Beach, there are three options for those seeking to be certified as qualified patients of medical marijuana. The patient can either have a terminal illness, cancer with severe pain and nausea (or other condition), or epilepsy. 

To find out what it will cost and how it works, head to HelloMD, where you can answer questions about your condition and pay for your card online. You’ll pay $149 for one year of access, which allows you to order up to ten ounces every two months from authorized dispensaries in Florida. 

If you qualify under more than one category, you may apply for an affirmative defense card, which costs $150 for five years. Some symptoms that might be eligible for an affirmative defense card include AIDS/HIV, ALS, Crohn’s disease, Glaucoma, and Multiple Sclerosis. 

The certification process includes submitting documentation of diagnosis and criminal background checks. After being approved by HelloMD staff, you will receive a secure link to upload digital copies of supporting documents to complete your application through the Office of Compassionate Use within 21 days. 

Your application is suitable for 90 days after submission. If granted, you will then need to choose a caregiver and get their approval before receiving your ID card. Caregivers must be at least 18 years old with no drug-related felonies on their record in the past ten years. 

For caregivers who want to treat minors, they need to provide authorization from the parents or guardians of these minors in writing before they can register them as patients. 

Once registered, caregivers must carry this letter when transporting medicinal cannabis products because they cannot use public roads when transporting products back and forth between dispensing facilities unless authorized by law enforcement officials.

How long does it take to get approved

The approval period typically takes between 1-2 weeks. Once approved, you will be given a patient ID card to use as your primary ID for shopping at cannabis dispensaries or clubs and a medical marijuana prescription (MMJ) card. 

When entering any of these establishments, show your MMJ card and government-issued ID so they know who you are. If you do not have an MMJ card, bring an original copy of your doctor’s recommendation letter and a government-issued photo ID such as your driver’s license or passport. 

Once you’ve been evaluated by one of our doctors, there is no waiting period. You’ll receive a valid identification card immediately and should be able to purchase products on the same day!


If you are considering acquiring medical marijuana, you’re probably confused about where to get your MMJ card. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make sure you get your card as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Remember that patience is key! One final thing worth mentioning is that if your first choice doesn’t work out, don’t be discouraged! There are tons of dispensaries all over the city, so there is most likely one nearby. 

Take the advice from personal experience, and keep trying until you find what works for you!