When Is The Right Time To Start Couples Therapy?

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Research shows that some couples wait as long as six years before they seek therapy, which is often too late. The longer they wait, the more that simple issues grow into problems that can cause a disassociation in their relationship. 

Many couples avoid therapy because it sounds a little dramatic and is seen as a prelude to the end of a relationship. So, they prefer to wait until their concerns have become unavoidable, which should not be the case.

Therapy is a healthy practice for committed partners interested in making their relationships work; so the sooner you start, the better. 

So, when is the right time to start couples therapy, and what signs should you look out for? 

Signs You Should Go For Couples Therapy

The best time to start couples therapy is now. Although no relationship is devoid of a few arguments and disagreements, a healthy relationship should generally contribute to your sense of fulfillment.

Similarly, you ought to derive happiness and a sense of connection to your partner if you’re in a healthy relationship. If all of these are missing, then it might be a sign that your relationship is struggling. 

We have curated a list of signs that indicate when partners should go for couples therapy. But note, however, that this list is not all-encompassing, and if you don’t feel as happy as you should in your relationship, you should consider counseling with your partner. 

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If Your Partner Is Controlling 

If your partner or relationship is controlling, and their decisions are taking a toll on you or your mental health, you should discuss things with them. Bring up the specific behavior you’re concerned about in the best way possible and explain to them how their actions hurt you. 

A healthy relationship will make you comfortable enough to discuss these issues and suggest making changes to your partner. If there are no notable changes after several discussions, you should schedule a couples therapy Los Angeles session to help you save your relationship. 

No Respect for Boundaries 

Boundaries are essential in every relationship, and if your partner keeps infringing on yours, then there’s no respect for boundaries or privacy. Other times, a lack of respect for boundaries could be when your partner constantly asks you to tweak your needs to meet theirs. 

They push you into doing things when you don’t feel like it, and when you complain, they tell you it’s because of how they feel for you. At this point, it is advised that you both seek therapy to restore the peace in your relationship.

You Don’t Spend Much Time Together

Except in cases of long-distance relationships, couples need to spend more time together, enjoy each other’s company, and learn more about each other. 

The cause of friction between you and your partner could be because you don’t spend enough time with each other. But we understand that life can get in the way, especially with pressure from work or family. However, if you feel distant from your partner, or relieved when you’re not together,  then therapy would help. 

Unequal Relationship 

Healthy relationships have balance when it comes to affection, communication, and expectations. Although it’s not always the case with finances, the balance is often achieved when the partner with a lower income runs more errands. 

Life takes a downward spiral sometimes if one of you loses your job or struggles to keep up with tasks. But if your relationship seems to always be on the downside, it might spell trouble. 

Negative Criticisms 

It’s acceptable for your partner to express their concern or displeasure when a situation bothers them. In a healthy relationship, this would be done carefully considering the other person’s feelings. 

The partners in an unhealthy relationship, on the other hand, would criticize each other in ways that would make them each feel bad.

You don’t need to wait until things worsen before attending therapy with your partner. Begin therapy as soon as possible to help you and your partner understand each other. 

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Benefits of Couples Therapy

The following are benefits you and your partner would enjoy when you start couples therapy. 

It Provides A Safe Space To Talk Things Out

Couples come to therapy because of the issues like sex, communication, infidelity, and financial constraints that they experience in their relationships. Therapy provides a safe space for couples to discuss these sensitive issues effectively. 

With the therapist as a mediator, both partners can express their concerns in an environment where they will be heard and respected, and solutions will be proffered. 

Therapy Helps Couples Make Difficult Decisions 

Some partners experience friction in their relationships because of certain life-changing decisions they have to make. Getting married, becoming first-time parents, changing jobs and houses, recovering from addictions, or catering for ailing family members can strain a relationship. 

Therapy allows partners to consider each of these decisions and how they would be affected. Therapy helps them transition into new lives with as little turmoil as possible. 

How to Find A Suitable Therapist

Finding a suitable therapist who understands your relationship’s concerns is as important as going to therapy. A professional therapist knows how best to handle some of these situations mentioned above and the type of solutions to proffer.  Couples therapy Los Angeles, have professional therapists use a blend of the Empathi Method and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy to restore hope to your relationship. 

Call A Therapist Today

You don’t have to wait until your relationship worsens before you seek help from a therapist. Couples therapy has helped restore a lot of relationships over the years, and attending one with your partner will help you sort out underlying issues that are preventing you from enjoying a healthy relationship.