When Is Rhinoplasty Right For You?


Rhinoplasty is among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the US, with thousands of Americans opting for it every year. But the reasons go beyond aesthetics as the procedure can correct functional issues too. Essentially, rhinoplasty involves altering the shape of your nose through surgery. It is a simple procedure with high success rates, provided you choose a seasoned specialist to perform it. Before going ahead, you must understand all about the surgery, follow-up precautions, and expected outcomes. It is also crucial to know whether the procedure is apt for you. Let us explain when you must go ahead with it. 

You are not happy with your appearance 

Your nose is a prominent facial feature, and it can affect your appearance. You may not like its shape and size. Maybe, you want it to be smaller, narrower, straighter, or more turned up. Rhinoplasty can help you with all the expectations. From slimming down your nose to flattening bulges and bumps and shaping your nostrils, it offers a perfect nose job for a perfect appearance. Besides the appearance by birth, an injury or accident can ruin your nose’s shape. You only have to convey your expectations to the specialist, and they will ensure the best possible match. Rest assured, you will be happy with your appearance after the procedure. The best part is that the surgery involves minimal scarring, so you can get the expected outcomes without worrying about it. 

Your child suffers from congenital defects

The utility of this procedure extends beyond cosmetic reasons as it can help patients deal with more serious issues too. Congenital defects are a concern for countless parents across the US. The worst part is that you cannot do anything to limit the risk because even the healthiest parents may have kids with such defects. Thankfully, rhinoplasty works for children with nasal deformity. You can consider corrective rhinoplasty by Dr. Mark Fisher, who specializes in treatment for younger children. The procedure will enable your child to breathe and talk properly, and it is worth the effort. 

You have breathing problems

Breathing problems are not just about asthma and bronchitis. They may be the result of faulty nasal structure too. If you are born with a deviated septum, one of the nasal passages tends to be smaller than the other. The smaller one collapses when you breathe because the wall separating your nostrils is not centered. The condition can cause difficulty breathing, snoring, facial pain, and nosebleeds. A deviated septum can also result in chronic sinus issues, which means you have to fend off sinus infections at all times. Rhinoplasty can be a savior as it corrects the structure of your nose and helps you breathe easier. 


If you come in either of these categories, you are a good candidate for the procedure. It can alter your appearance and make you more confident. More importantly, it can deliver functional benefits that take you a step closer to a better life. The cost of the procedure is a worthwhile investment if it can help you in either of these ways.