When Is It Time For Rehab? Ten Signs You Need It

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It can be difficult to admit or accept that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol. You may feel like you can handle it on your own or that you don’t need help.

But if your substance use negatively impacts your life, it may be time to consider rehab. However, knowing when it’s time to seek treatment can be hard.

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Here are ten signs indicating that you may need to go to rehab for alcohol or drug addiction:

1. Your Drug And Alcohol Use Disorder Has Caused You Physical Health Problems

Drug abuse can cause a variety of physical health problems. These can go from mild to severe, and in some cases, they can be life-threatening.

If you have started to experience any physical health problems as a result of your drug or alcohol use, it may be time to seek treatment before things get much worse.

2. Your Substance Use Is Impacting Your Mental Health

Substance abuse or drug addiction can take a toll on your mental health. If you’re using drugs or alcohol to cope with underlying mental health issues, you may develop a substance use disorder.

If you’re experiencing any changes in your mental health, it’s important to seek addiction treatment to make sure you can stop the changes from getting out of hand and make a full recovery.

3. You’ve Experienced Legal Problems Because Of Your Drug Or Alcohol Use

If you’ve gotten in trouble with the law because of your substance use, it’s a sign that you need help.

Drug and alcohol addiction can lead to criminal activity, so getting addiction treatment can help you stay out of trouble, sober, and keep yourself safe.

4. Your Relationships Have Been Impacted By Your Substance Use

If your friends or family members have expressed concern about your drug or alcohol use, it’s a sign that it’s time to get addiction treatment.

Substance abuse can cause difficulties in all areas of your life, including your relationships. If your use impacts your ability to maintain healthy relationships, professional treatment advice can help you get back on track.


5. You’ve Tried Withdrawal On Your Own But Were Unsuccessful

If you’ve tried to quit using drugs or alcohol on your own but were unable to do so, it may be time to seek professional help.

Quitting on your own can be difficult, and sometimes, it may not be possible. If you’re struggling to quit or the withdrawal symptoms are too much to deal with, professional help at a treatment center can give you the support and tools you need to make a successful recovery.

6. You’re Consuming More Of The Substance Than You Intended To Use

If you find that you’re using more of your drug of choice than you originally intended, it’s a sign that you have a problem. Increasing your use can lead to tolerance, which means you’ll need more of the substance to get the same effect.

That could be dangerous and can lead to overdose. If you’re using more than you intended, speak with a treatment provider before things spiral out of control.

7. You’re Unable To Stick To Your Commitments Because Of Your Substance Abuse

If you’re unable to stick to your work or school commitments because of your substance abuse, it’s a sign that you need help. Your addiction may be starting to take over your life if it’s impacting your ability to meet your obligations. Getting treatment can help you get back on track and achieve your goals.

8. Your Drug Or Alcohol Use Is Causing Financial Problems

Substance abuse can cause financial problems. If you’re spending more money on drugs or alcohol than you can afford, it may be time to seek treatment. Addiction can be expensive, and getting help can ensure that you don’t end up in debt or in financial trouble.

9. You’re Engaging In Risky Behaviors When You’re Under The Influence

If you’re engaging in risky behaviors when you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it’s a sign that you need help.

Taking risks can lead to accidents, injuries, and even death. If you’re putting yourself in danger when you’re using, it’s important to get help so you can stay safe.

10. You Feel Like You Can’t Function Without The Substance

If you feel like you can’t go about your day-to-day life without using drugs or alcohol, it’s a sign that you have an addiction. Addiction can make it impossible to live a normal life, but treatment can help you get back on track.

With treatment, you can learn how to live without relying on substances and live a healthy, happy life.

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What Are Rehab Alcohol And Drug Treatments Like?

There are a variety of different types of rehab programs that offer different approaches to treatment.

Some rehab programs may focus on detoxification, while others may provide more holistic care. It’s important to go through different treatment plans and choose a program that’s right for you, as each person’s needs are different.

That said, you can expect some general things from most rehab programs.

The first step

Most rehab programs will start with an intake assessment. This is where you’ll meet with a professional at the treatment facility who will ask you questions about your addiction and your current situation.

The certified addiction professional will use this information to help determine what kind of treatment program you need to enter.

Sometimes you don’t need to be there in person, and an online chat is conducted instead, which differs from treatment center to treatment center. Your specific treatment provider will be able to guide you here.

The Decision

This is the part of the treatment process where the treatment providers let you know if you need inpatient or residential treatment.

Both inpatient treatment and residential will yield the same results; they’re just different for different types of people.


After the intake assessment, you’ll typically go through detoxification. This part of the recovery process focuses on getting rid of the toxins in your body that are associated with your addiction. 

Withdrawal symptoms here can be intense, but the help provided will get you through it. Alcohol withdrawal and drug detox can be difficult, and uncomfortable, but it’s an important first step in your recovery.


Once you’ve detoxed, you’ll begin treatment. This may involve individual therapy, group therapy, and other activities designed at the treatment centers to help you recover from your addiction.

You’ll also learn about how to prevent relapse and live a sober life.

Treatment typically lasts 30-90 days, but it may be shorter or longer depending on your needs. After treatment, you may choose to stay in a sober living facility or return home.

Additional Treatment

Some people may need additional treatment after they leave rehab, such as outpatient care or 12-step programs.

No matter what type of rehab or substance abuse treatment program you choose, treatment is an important step in recovery from alcohol abuse or general drug or alcohol addiction.

With the right treatment program, you can overcome your addiction and live a sober, healthy life.

Rehab Is The First Step To Getting Better

If you’re struggling with addiction, it’s important to seek help. Substance use disorder is a serious problem that can impact all areas of your life. If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it may be time to consider rehab.

Rehab can provide you with the means and support you need to make a successful recovery.