What you should know about organic cookies

natural organic cookies with seeds and flax seeds

Organic cookies are perfect for you if you want to eat something delicious without stuffing yourself with synthetic substances and preservatives. You’ll fall in love with such products as a bourbon kitchen sink cookie and you’ll want more. Thanks to organic flour and ecological eggs, you don’t need to worry about any unexpected allergic reaction.

Organic cookies – ingredients

What’s the most important in every baked product? It’s, of course, flour but choosing the wrong type may spoil the whole process. Our cookies are made from organic flour which makes them much healthier than what you can buy in your local store. Many companies mix flour with food colorings and other substances so that their products can be more attractive. Here, it doesn’t happen.

Apart from the right flour, Bang cookies contain high-quality eggs. It’s due to organic feed that the chickens are fed. The better feed they eat, the better eggs they lay and, thanks to that, we can offer you delicious cookies. It may seem to be a minor detail but if such nuances are neglected, the quality of the whole product turns out to be cheesy. Only by offering the quality of every ingredient, we can offer you top-notch sweets that you and all of your friends will enjoy.

The myth has it that organic cookies lack taste but it’s not anywhere near the truth. In them, you can find such ingredients as Madagascar bourbon, which is known for its intensive flavor. All of them are prepared and baked according to special recipes so that every customer can be pleased by even the smallest detail.

Share organic cookies with your friends

What kind of food do you usually share with your friends? When you invite some people over, you want them to feel at home. That’s why you offer them such snacks as chips and peanuts. Drinks are also needed in such situations. But we all know that no party can go well without something sweet. Order some organic cookies and you’ll see that sea salt chocolate chip cookies and hazelnut cookies will become your friends’ new favorite sweets.

How long can I store organic cookies?

Ordering fresh cookies is different from buying them in a regular local store. Since they have no preservatives, they shouldn’t be kept for too long. If you don’t plan to eat them immediately after receiving them from a courier, you should put them in a fridge. There, you can keep them for a week but if – for some reason – you choose to store them longer, use a freezer. Organic cookies can be safely frozen for about a month.