What to Do When Your Depression Is Not Improving

depressed woman

It can be worrying when your depression is not improving and you might begin to feel unnerved. However, rather than watching as it gets worse and worse, there are a number of steps that you can take when you believe that you have tried everything to rid yourself of or control your depression, and here are just some of them. 

Change Your Medication

The first step that you should take when your depression is not improving is to speak to your doctor. If you are already on anti-depressants, your medical professional might come to the conclusion that they are not working for you. They might choose to up your dosage or to put you on a different medicine altogether. They might also suggest that you wait a few more weeks to feel the full effects of the SSRI that you are on. Everyone reacts to medication differently, so it can take time to find the right prescription for you. However, you should always see a doctor immediately if you start to get negative side effects from these tablets. 

Go on a Retreat 

If you are struggling to improve your depression at home, your next option might be to go on a retreat. A retreat might be helpful to you as it can give you the time and space that you need to prioritize yourself and adjust your thought patterns. At this retreat, you might also be able to take advantage of alternative therapies such as psychedelic medicine and ketamine therapy, which are both used for those suffering from mental health issues. By heading on one of these retreats, you might be able to reap the benefits of programs that you cannot get at home while changing the scenery that you are surrounded by. This means that you should look around for a retreat such as those at daydreammd.com

Get a Massage

Although you might want to head to a spa simply for fun, massages can also relieve depression, as well as stress and tension in the body. Not only this, but if a chronic pain issue is making you unhappy and draining you of positive thoughts, a massage might be able to reduce this pain and increase the flexibility in your joints. This means that you should look around for a massage therapist who you trust and who has the credentials that they need to provide you with the potential benefits of a massage. You might also need to see this therapist multiple times to ensure that you can continue to enjoy the impact of this treatment. 

Consider Underlying Causes

However, some health conditions also cause depression. For instance, if you are showing depressive symptoms, you might have a hormone imbalance like polycystic ovary syndrome. Your depression might also be down to chronic Lyme disease or thyroid issues. This means that if your depression has come on suddenly and you are not prone to it, you might consider getting examinations such as blood tests that can help you to disbar the root cause of your depression and check that you are physically healthy.