What to Bring to Your First Dance Class


There are many things to love about Australia, and one of them has to be the country’s fun and lively dance scene. Despite being the smallest continent, the Land Down Under surely packs a punch as it offers a diverse culture and unique lifestyle. Undoubtedly, dance is one of the country’s symbolic aspects since it contributes to cultural enrichment and the booming performing arts scene. The city of Melbourne, for one, is often lauded for its energetic dance culture.

Indeed, dancing can appeal to practically anybody and everybody. Doing something as simple as popping on your favourite dancewear from Energetiks in Australia and following a dance routine online already counts. Whether you are passionate about the craft, looking for a hobby, or just want to have some fun, dancing can get your spirits up, help you stay fit, and improve your coordination.

If you have yet to try it, now may be the perfect time to sign up for a dance class. Do not feel intimidated if you feel you lack flexibility or skill as these are not requirements for joining one.

It is natural to feel scared about your first dance class since you are not yet acquainted with the activity. One of the biggest questions you will likely have is: What should I bring? To help calm your nerves, here is a shortlist of the important things to prepare, so you can go through your first class without issues.

Water Bottle

Dancing can be fun, but it can also be tiring after a long time. You will be surprised to see how much you can sweat in a single session since dancing is essentially a workout. As such, make sure you bring a large water bottle to keep you hydrated through the class. Usually, you will have to leave it in the lobby or your locker to prevent distractions and water from spilling. If you are unsure, try to ask the receptionist or your instructor for the studio’s policy.

Dance Attire

Similar to how you would work out in specific attire, you also need to wear the right clothing to dance. Depending on the type of dance class that you are attending, there are appropriate clothes to wear, so you can perform each move correctly and comfortably. After signing up for a class, you will likely be given guidelines on what you should wear, so do not worry too much about it. For example, if you are going to a ballet class, then you will need to wear a leotard, tights, and pointe shoes. You will easily be able to find these in physical stores or online. Brands like Energetiks in Australia specialise in standard dance attire.

Hair Accessories

Before going to class, make sure you have hair ties, bobby pins, and other accessories to keep your hair at bay. The last thing you want is to have many strands of hair peeping out during class, so tie your hair and pin it down to keep it out of your face.

Confidence and Smile

Above all, a dance class should be fun, enjoyable, and worthwhile, so enter it with confidence and a smile on your face. Within the class, you get to meet new people, learn a new activity, and possibly fall in love with dance. Do not stress yourself too much about how the class will go or whether you will do well because you might miss out on memorable experiences.

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