The Loop Between Beauty and Success

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We always think that people tend to become successful if they are smart and talented. However, according to research, being attractive also plays a vital role in a person’s success.

It is the reason why more people are investing in skin treatment, enhancing their appearance. Based on studies, well-groomed individuals are likely to get hired, and attractive people earn around 12% more than those who are less attractive. Moreover, beautiful sales representatives sell more than their less attractive colleagues. In politics, attractive candidates are more likely to get elected.

Psychologists call it the “beauty premium.” The income difference based on different appearances also reflects specific preferences of ethnicities and genders. Read further to know more about the ways “beautiful people” succeed in life.

Attractive people are more confident

Without realizing, everyone is affected by the “halo effect.” It is a human’s way to tell someone’s overall character based on their appearance.

According to an experiment, you are likely to consider beautiful people “as more dominant, intelligent, sociable, socially skilled, and socially warm” than those who are less attractive.

When a cute kid had grown into an attractive adult, they will have a higher level of confidence or a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” In school, better-looking students are expected to perform well, receiving more attention as they are thought to have more potential.

In return, this preferential treatment boosts the kids’ confidence as well as communication and social skills. That confidence may translate to academic achievement and professional success.

Attractive people receive higher salary offers

Employers tend to pay people more based on how they look. An experiment shows that employers are willing to offer 10.5% higher salaries to beautiful applicants.

Moreover, since attractive people are more confident, they have better communication skills than those who are less attractive. Better communication skills translate to the employer’s estimate of the employee’s productivity.

This has a considerable impact on the employee’s career. Research suggests that training your kids with social skills is better than enhancing their intellectual ability. Science says that attractive people are more sociable than others.

Attractive people often get the job

In a 2013 study, 10,000 resumes were sent with the same content except for the name, address, and photo to test the callback rates. With an average call back of 30%, beautiful women were called for an interview 54% of the time, and attractive men were called back 47% of the time.

Beautiful women have a better advantage in negotiation with men

Men tend to tolerate unfair deals, such as overpriced products when dealing with a beautiful woman, study says.

The study was done to 21 male subjects who received 300 photos of females. They were then asked if they would accept each female’s offer to split an amount of money. Consequently, men were more likely to do unfair deals with attractive women.

These are just some of the benefits of being attractive. Taking care of your looks could give you many advantages in life. Most of us consider people with smooth, soft, and flawless skin as beautiful, and this can easily be achieved through various skin treatment.

If you have the brain, and the talent, investing in your skin to look more attractive could give a ton of advantages in life and career.

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