What Is The Right Time To Take CBD?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) needs no introduction. CBD is considered the most therapeutic compound obtained from the cannabis plant. It can help treat a wide range of medical conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, etc. 

But as you shall find, CBD doesn’t work for everyone, and there are numerous reasons why that is so. One of the reasons cannabidiol may not work for you is if you administer it at the wrong times. 

Now, that may get you wondering, is there an ideal time to consume CBD? Well, there’s no perfect time to consume CBD, as the substance affects everyone differently. 

However, certain factors can help you determine a suitable time to take CBD, and this article shall shed more light on that.

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Which Diseases Do You Intend To Treat?

As we’ve already mentioned, there are numerous reasons why you’d want to consume cannabidiol.

Due to its powerful analgesic properties, CBD has continually gained popularity as an effective pain-relieving drug. CBD treats pain by interacting with certain endocannabinoid receptors that play a role in pain management. 

CBD also packs immense anxiolytic abilities, which make it an excellent recommendation for fighting stress and anxiety. All you need to do is purchase your CBD products from established retailers like Sunday Scaries, then go ahead to work out a suitable dose. 

Those battling inflammation can benefit from CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabidiol exerts its anti-inflammatory effects by blocking the body’s core inflammatory messenger activity. 

Epileptic seizures, insomnia, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, nausea, cancer, and dermatitis are other diseases you can manage using CBD. 

Generally, the right time to take any medical cannabis product is when the disease symptoms are either most severe or just about to be triggered. 

For instance, people battling social anxiety disorder would want to take CBD right before addressing a gathering, going on a maiden date, or otherwise engaging in an activity that often triggers the condition. 

If you’re prone to exercise-induced inflammation, you might consider taking CBD before, during, or after engaging in your workouts. 

People with insomnia are better off taking cannabidiol right before bedtime. 

And for chronic conditions whose symptoms come and go, you could come up with a safe prescription, like consuming CBD in the early morning, early afternoon, and late evening.

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Are You Taking CBD For Medical Or Recreational Purposes?

While cannabidiol is widely popular for its healing properties, some users consume CBD for recreational benefits.  

In its purest form, CBD doesn’t trigger psychotropic effects. But when combined with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as is often the case with full-spectrum CBD products, the substance may trigger some mind-altering effects. 

CBD products commonly used for recreational purposes fall under a group known as full-spectrum CBD. Such products come with the goodness of CBD, THC, and a host of other medically beneficial cannabinoids. 

We already highlighted the ideal times that you should preferably consume medical cannabidiol. As for recreational CBD, it all comes down to your cravings for the THC in the product. 

However, note that full-spectrum CBD products are not exclusive to recreational users. The cannabinoids in full-spectrum products work synergistically to deliver compounded medical benefits through a mechanism known as the entourage effect.

It’s also worth noting that whether you’re using CBD for medical or recreational benefits, the focus is on the amount of the substance you consume. For instance, assume that your recommended daily intake is 30 mg. You could decide to split the RDI into four parts, where you consume 7.5 mg each in the early morning, mid-morning, early afternoon, and late evening. You could also split the dose into two parts, where you consume 15 mg of CBD each in the early morning and before bedtime. 

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What Is Your Delivery Method?

There are numerous ways to administer cannabidiol. You could consider inhalable like CBD-infused e-liquids, topicals like CBD-enriched ointments, or edibles like CBD-infused baked products. You could also administer CBD oral tinctures sublingually or smoke-dried hemp extracts. 

The delivery method that you choose depends on your individual preferences and most importantly, the conveniences of the moment. 

For starters, CBD edibles are ideal for stealth users. You can easily pop a gummy and chew it without the person sitting next to you ever knowing that you’re consuming cannabidiol. This means that if all other factors are constant, you can take CBD edibles anytime.  

The most important thing to note is that CBD edibles take longer to kick in, as the substance must first go through your digestive system. So, before consuming edibles, it’s always advisable to give a 1-3-hour allowance. 

For instance, you could consume edibles an hour before bedtime to combat insomnia, two hours before your workouts to combat pain and inflammation, etc. Also, note that the effects of edibles last longer in your system. Just be aware of how long edibles can last to make sure you time it right.

On the other hand, inhalable and smokable CBD products, as well as CBD tinctures, take effect in a matter of minutes but the effects wear off faster. Such products are recommended for on-the-go users who’re looking for short-term benefits, such as relief from nausea or fatigue. 

Also, inhalable, smokables, tinctures, and even CBD-enriched topicals are unideal for stealth users, as it’s difficult to take your CBD product unnoticed.

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There’s an endless list of benefits to accrue from incorporating cannabidiol into your health and wellness routine. However, remember that when it comes to CBD administration, timing is key. The above-highlighted factors will come in handy when trying to decide on the best time to consume CBD.