What Is Carbon 60?


Carbon 60 or C60 is a fullerene comprising more than 60 carbon atoms. If you observe the atoms under a microscope, the shape resembles a hollow soccer ball.

C60 is a powerful antioxidant due to the composition of free radicals. Interestingly it wasn’t until 1985 that researchers discovered C60. The people behind the discovery were Richard Smalley, Harold Kroto, and Robert Curl.

Indeed, the discovery was such a game-changer that they went on to win a chemistry Nobel Prize in 1996. Since then, C60 has continued to generate a lot of conversation around the scientific world.

Ongoing research has shown amazing C60 benefits in a wide range of issues affecting humans. So what are some of them?

Benefits of C60

Let’s take a look at some C60 benefits.

Anti-aging Properties

Carbon60 has healing and antioxidant properties. It may very well be the solution in the search for an anti-aging cure. Specific antioxidants in the body will decrease the more we age. These are Catalase, Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, and COQ10.

All these antioxidants help with energy production in cells. C60 replaces the lost antioxidants so that the energy production continues as usual.

There is another aspect to the aging process that is quite fascinating. Telomere is a type of bond that holds the ends of chromosomes to keep them from fraying. With aging, dividing of the cell shortens the telomere. At some point, it will die or become inactive because it is too short.

Research subjects taking C60 for more than two years had longer telomeres than usual for people their age. The conclusion was that the C60 triggered the mitochondria to replace lost cells. In essence, the carbon60 halted the aging process.

C60 in Beauty Treatments

The anti-aging properties of C60 will help in reducing wrinkles. It is also very effective for protecting the skin against UV damage.

The use of C60 can also promote hair growth. Hair loss occurs due to aging, genetics or underlying medical conditions. The sufferers can use C60 to stimulate growth.

receding hair

All you need is a little C60 into olive oil. Use it as part of your diet or your beauty regime. After some time, the hair follicles that were no longer producing will start working again. This should be exciting news because hair loss can be pretty hard to bear.

C60 Can Stop the Growth of Tumors

A study on Wistar rats came up with some interesting insights. One of the leading causes of death amongst them is pneumonia or tumors. Researchers treated the rats with C60 and observed that the rodents did not develop tumors.

There were also interesting results in the lifespan. On average, Wistar rats will live for 2 to 3 years. One rat that underwent the treatment lived for five and a half years. Maybe it would have stayed longer if the researchers did not decide to put it down.

Antioxidant Capabilities

The unique soccer shape of the C60 helps with free radicals and negative element absorption in the body. Free radicals play a role in the development of severe diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. Other notable conditions are rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and Parkinson’s.

By absorbing the free radicals, the C60 protects the cells from contamination. Strong, healthy cells will function well, thus better immunity or ability to fight disease.

The body also develops the ability to respond to inflammation. High energy production means an increase in the same, resulting in better mental and physical health.

C60 Helps with hormone balance in the body. Both men and women will experience an increase in testosterone and estrogen, respectively.

C60 also stimulates the production of pregnenolone, the most significant molecule in hormones. The result is better mental clarity, libido, and a noticeable increase in energy levels.

Weight Management with C60

Carbon 60 can help with weight management. It works by inhibiting cells from turning into fatty tissue.

Final Thoughts

C60 may revolutionize the world of medicine by coming up with a solution to aging. Yet it has many other benefits, as we shared in the article. And, there is research to support the different advantages of C60.