Top Tips for Staying Healthy as a Gamer 

gamer chair

A massive rise in the popularity of gaming as a hobby has been seen worldwide since video games came into cultural prominence in the eighties, though it has really exploded since the turn of the 21st century, and even continues to grow today. This is reflected in the statistics, where in the US alone, there are currently around 225 million gamers, according to research undertaking by the Entertainment Software Association in 2021.  

Gaming is so popular now because there’s such a wide variety of genres that people can play, which allows for more people to find something that they engage with. For example, there are sports games such as Madden 22, horror games such as Until Dawn, and also the ability to play online casino games, like the ones over at VegasSlotsOnline. Their website features reviews for the best casino sites in many different countries, including New Zealand, where they have honest and unbiased information on each gambling site listed. They only give positive reviews to online casinos that have valid and reputable licenses, so you know you’re in safe hands. Plus, there’s the possibility to get many bonus offers, such as cash-back deals or free spins.  

Whilst gaming is a great hobby to have, it’s also essential to recognize that it can be an unhealthy one due to its inactive nature. Luckily though, there are several things you can do to make sure you can both cherish your gaming time and make sure it doesn’t have a negative impact on your well-being.  

Get a Gaming Chair 

One of the most important things to consider when you’re spending hours gaming, is that you are always sat down. If you’re not careful, all this time spent in one sedentary position could easily lead to back pain, especially if you find yourself hunched forward when playing. It’s ridiculously simple to fix this problem though, and that’s to purchase a specially made gaming chair.  

It might seem like an extravagant purchase, but it will be worth its weight in gold as time progresses, as the way that these chairs are structured means that you will always be sitting in a suitable position whilst you game, which will result in one happy back going forward. Hopefully, then, it will stop you needing to further fork out on our top five underrated accessories for acute back pain.  


Still Get Your Sleep 

Playing games can be such a joyful experience that it really does seem to make time fly by. Minutes seemingly disappear in a few seconds, and hours seemingly disappear in a few minutes. A great example of this phenomenon is when you have a few hours after work to relax and game, but the hours dissipate into thin air, meaning night has well and truly fallen, and you have to make the decision to either stay awake and play, or to retire to bed so you get enough shut eye for work tomorrow.  

Although it might be the less desirable option, the right move is always to go and try to get your required eight hours of sleep. This is because it has obviously been scientifically proven that a lack of decent sleep will severely impact your physical and mental health. So, as tempting as it is to try and cram as much gaming in as possible, make a habit of having a reasonable cut off time that you stick to, where you will just turn your computer or console off, and allow your brain to wind down for some much needed rest.  

Stay Rehydrated (And Drink the Right Drinks) 

Whenever gaming, because you’re so focused on the events unfolding on screen, it’s possible for many people to ignore their bodies’ need for refreshment. This might seem unimportant, but did you know that your brain actually functions much worse without the required amount of fluids? This means you’ll find it harder to concentrate on the virtual tasks in front of you, and might cause your reaction times to be slower, which will mean chaos for your gaming.  

It might be tempting to go for energy drinks or soda to drink to stave off dehydration, but as you’re not moving whilst playing, this will not be a good idea as it will lead to consuming many calories that you will not get the opportunity to burn off. The best habit to get into then, is to make water your go-to thirst-quencher when playing, as you will reap the many magical benefits that H2O provides. A good way to make sure this is achieved is by purchasing a handy re-fillable water bottle, which you won’t have to worry about spilling over your machinery. You also can read reviews from the website like Water Bottle Nerd which helps you to find the best water bottle for your needs.