What Going To An Alcohol Rehab Center Is Like

abstaining from alcohol

Getting to the point where you realize you have a problem and need help can be a long and windy road. This realization could have come because you are missing work, having relationship problems, or got a DUI and besides doing Cornerstone DUI classes you are court-ordered to go to rehab. 

Once you decide to go to a treatment center, it can be a very intimidating process. Since you have never been through it, there likely will be some anxiety about it.

When you know what to expect, then the process can be much easier and your mind at ease. Not all treatment facilities are the same, but there are some basics that they all pretty much follow. In this article, we will go over what rehab is typically like so you know what to expect. 

The intake interview

The very first step in the rehab process is also one of the most important. This is when staff members will do your check-in to get you into the treatment center and registered. However, it isn’t like checking into a hotel. There will be an interview done for a while so the staff can get to know you and understand better where your problem may be coming from. 

Not everybody responds to treatment in the same way. There is no one size fits all scenario. This interview will help them understand how to customize your treatment options so that you are more likely to succeed at beating your addiction. 

The detox process

The first few days after you’ve stopped using alcohol or drugs, your body is going to start feeling the effects of the withdrawal. It is a very touchy time since it is very uncomfortable and even painful physically. When you know a drink will make it go away it is very difficult to resist. This is the point where many people relapse before they’ve even had a chance to get treatment. 

To make sure that you go through the detox process safely, you will be monitored very closely during this period. It can last anywhere between three and fourteen days depending on the level of your addiction and what you were addicted to. 


Your treatment is going to heavily rely on therapy with counselors. Some centers focus on group therapy, others like to use individual. There are some that take a hybrid approach and use both. 

The reason is that some people will respond differently to different types of therapy. The initial intake interview will have helped them determine which type is likely to have the best results. 

Whichever ends up being the best therapy option, the point is to identify your triggers. They need to understand what problems cause alcoholism so you can get the tools needed to battle those triggers. Consider it an education that helps you learn about yourself so you can beat the problem for a lifetime. Rehab only lasts up to around 90 days but what you get out of it should last for years afterward.