What diseases affect rich and poor people?

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Being poor is not good for your health. Examination and treatment in a good clinic are expensive, and medications often cost a lot of money. A healthy lifestyle is also an expensive pleasure: gym, healthy food, good rest, or he https://www.pillpal.to/ service, where you can buy medications at attractive prices, can help you be healthy. Doctors have noticed that many diseases are the hallmarks of people with low incomes and low quality of life. But the rich also get sick. And we will tell you more about it. 

Remember that your health is the most precious thing you have and you are responsible for it. So be 100% sure about the medications you purchase. Self-treatment without proper knowledge and experience can harm you.

Diseases of poor people

To begin with, here are some of the diseases affecting people with low incomes.


Until the beginning of the twentieth century, tuberculosis affected all segments of the population: both poor and rich people. Today, tuberculosis is a disease of the lower social classes. People living on the verge of poverty eat poorly, rarely rest, abuse alcohol, and smoke more often. All this has a detrimental effect on the immune system. Experts believe that most adults come into contact with TB germs almost every day. Everyone has encountered this infection, and we have special marks in our bodies. But the organism must suppress this infection. If it is reduced, it doesn’t. Tuberculosis usually affects prisoners and those who have close contact with them. Less often, it affects workers and military personnel who live in crowded military camps.

Metabolic syndrome

People with low incomes prefer cheap food. As a rule, they choose hamburgers, french fries, noodles, etc. They flavor this unhealthy food with spices and sauces. These foods contain an excess of carbohydrates, fats, and preservatives. It results in the development of the metabolic syndrome. Insulin is no longer perceived by the cells and does not perform its functions. This leads to impaired absorption of glucose by the cells.

Hypodynamia, poor diet, and excess of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats (junk food and semi-finished products) are causes of metabolic syndrome. It can lead to heart attacks, atherosclerosis of great vessels, diabetes, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, and cancer. However, wealthy people also often tend to eat junk food and ignore sports.

Dental problems

Not everyone can afford good teeth. No wonder low-income people spend years with untreated teeth. Cavities turn into pulpitis, and the tooth rots and decays. All this is accompanied by bad breath. The difference in income is especially obvious when you look at elder people because dentures are very expensive.


Poor people often have discontented and puzzled faces. It’s not just because they have a lot of problems to solve; they feel terrible about their digestive problems. Doctors say that constipation is the eternal companion of the poor. The main reason is the lack of fruits and vegetables in their diets. Not everyone can afford fresh fruit, especially in winter and spring when they rise in price. The lack of coarse fiber contained in them breaks down the intestines.

This fiber is a source of nutrient medium for positive microflora in the intestines. When they are deficient, the medium becomes pathogenic. This causes constipation. Digested food lingers in the intestine, and toxins are absorbed back into the bloodstream. This causes headaches, general weaknesses, and bad moods.

Diseases of rich people

Money is great but it is not a guarantee of immortality or a cure-all. To prove this, we will tell you about the diseases affecting rich people.


Even in classical literature, there are rich nobles who were affected by gout. The reason is quite simple: aristocrats more often ate foods causing this disease, such as red meat, smoked meats, fish, by-products, chocolate, and red wine. They contain purines provoking an increased formation of uric acid in the blood. Its salts are deposited in joints as microcrystals. The whole body begins to ache wildly, and many people cannot even walk on their own during the attack. Even today, not everyone can afford the foods listed above. Such products as red meat, wine, fish, and smoked meats are not bought with the last money. These days, people with good incomes eat them more often.

Patients who want to recover from gout should give up those foods and alcohol that caused the metabolic disorder.

Depression and insomnia

It is a paradox but psychological problems are eternal companions of a well-fed life. Rich people are more likely to suffer from chronic depression, different phobias, and bipolar disorder. Mental problems are also common among the middle class. They live well and have good jobs, cars, and houses but do not know how to enjoy their lives. That’s why many of them often visit psychologists, take antidepressants, etc.

Many rich people began to suffer from such diseases only in the last 10 years and have not yet learned how to benefit from their fortune. They don’t know how to enjoy the fact that their every desire can be fulfilled.

Skin cancer and melanoma

This is true for people who live in cold climates (Canada, Scandinavia, etc.). The first thing many people do after earning money is buying a trip to a hot, sunny, and distant country. Rich people often spend vacations in warm countries, showing off their tanned bodies in swimsuits on Instagram. However, these people more often suffer from skin cancer and melanoma. The neoplasms and intense tanning are directly related to each other.

Ultraviolet radiation (intense tanning and sunburns) is a cancerogenic factor for skin cells, especially in fair-skinned people as they have low pigment content. Sunburns cause thermal damage to the skin, its inflammatory progression, and, as a result, cell division in this area increases. Sun rays cause mutations in the genetic apparatus of skin cells. All this leads to skin cancer or melanoma in places of sunburns.