What can International Medical Students do in the USA?


If you want to excel in medicine, sometimes you need to study abroad. And one of the best places for international medical students to go to in the USA. That is because it is home to some of the prestigious medical schools in the world like Harvard Medical School and The John Hopkins University School of Medicine.

So, if you are a medical student outside the US, the best thing to do would be to apply for a clerkship here.

Benefits of Applying Clerkship in the USA

There can be many benefits from applying for clerkships in the USA. One of them is choosing an elective that you typically cannot take in your country. For example, international medical students at Stanford can apply for three electives in 12 weeks, like advanced thoracic surgery and infectious diseases.

You will all also get access to advanced medical equipment and technology and get to spend time with a skilled medical professional.


Requirements can vary depending on the school but, for an international medical student to apply in the USA, they typically need to submit a resume or CV, official transcript, a letter of recommendation, and score from IELTS or TOEFL. 

You also have to be in your final year in medical school and apply for a visa. 

Some schools will only accept international students if your school or university has a formal agreement with them. So before you apply, make sure you do your research first.

Some Jobs International Medical Students Can Do In the USA

Being a medical student can be expensive. At Yale University, you can expect to pay at least $4000 for a four-week elective. So to help you with your studies, here are some jobs you can take as an international medical student.

Medical Writer 

If you want to have the most flexibility with your time and schedule, the best option for you would be to become a medical writer. As a medical writer, you can be a freelancer and work in the comfort of your room. Depending on your preference, you can get paid by the word or per article.

You can look for medical writing jobs in UpWork or Freelancer.com or pitch a gig in Fiverr or People Per Hour. 

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Campus Ambassador

If you are a people person and love to work with a team, you can be a campus ambassador. As a campus ambassador, you will promote the university and tell students why they should enroll. 

You may also have to do guided tours on your university campus during open days, where you will share your knowledge and facts about the university.

Teaching Assistant

If you have a knack for teaching, you can become a teaching assistant in your university. This job will require you to help students struggling in a class and supervise classroom activities. 

If you have some experience, you may work at a higher level and teach classes by yourself.

Library Assistant

A library assistant is one of the best jobs for those who want to study and work in the USA. This job will task you in helping students and customers find the books they’re looking for, recommending books, and shelving them.

You will also have to help the librarian as administrative support and organize library events.

Research Study Assistant

If you want a well-paying part-time job, you can opt to be a research study assistant. This job will depend on the department you applied for, and you will work on a variety of projects, maintenance of lab equipment, help in research and collate the results.

You will need to show your organizational skills and a genuine enthusiasm for the research.


Applying for a clerkship in the USA is not a bad idea. You can enroll in electives that are typically not offered in your school and get access to advanced medical equipment and treatment. But it’s essential to do your research first. So if you know someone who wants to apply as an international medical student in the US, share this article with them.