What Are The Health Benefits Of Pilates?

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Pilates, also referred to as the Pilates method, is a series of exercises inspired by calisthenics, ballet, and yoga. Consisting of more than 600 different exercises, pilates promotes strength and mobility in all of the body’s major muscle groups.

Made more famous by celebrities who seek a sculpted aesthetic look, the Pilates method is for everyone, no matter their age, gender, race, fitness level, ability, or size. 

If you want to learn more about Pilates before taking part in your first class, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we’re going to discuss the health benefits of Pilates. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about what makes Pilates so good. Keep reading to learn more and don’t forget to check out The Alignment Studio too.

What Is Pilates?

Let us start by telling you a bit more about Pilates. Pilates was originally known by the name “Contrology”. It is a method of exercise that works the whole body. It is designed to improve livelihood and daily activities.

There is a big emphasis on core strength and core work, but that core strength is also used to develop improved movement patterns throughout the body.

Created in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, Pilates exercises help align our entire body, support joints, and stabilize muscles.

Health Benefits Associated With Pilates

Now you know more about what Pilates is, we can start to look at the health benefits associated with it. We have a lot of benefits to get through, so we best get started!

1. Increased Core Strength

Pilates is most famously known for its emphasis on core strength. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise to you that one of the biggest benefits associated with Pilates is increased core strength.

Pilates improves function and core strength, which in turn decreases hip and back pain, improves pelvic floor dysfunction, and improves explosive force. Overall, Pilates will help you 

stabilize your body and strengthen your core muscles.

2. Increased Muscle Strength

Another important benefit associated with Pilates is increased muscle strength. This benefit links closely to increased core strength as most muscle strength improvement can be found in the core and abdominal muscles.

The lower back, buttocks, and hip muscles are strengthened a lot through Pilates too. Pilates will also help you tone your muscles, giving you a more sculpted figure.

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3. Improved Posture

Pilates focuses on alignment across our whole body. As a result, we can achieve an ideal range of motion in our joints and balance opposing muscles. This helps improve posture which is key to avoiding weak and imbalanced muscles.

By aligning your muscles, you can achieve a better posture that will help you stand up tall, reduce slouching, and reduce back pain.

4. Increased Energy

Despite being a form of exercise, Pilates actually increases our energy levels. How we hear you say, well, Pilates improves cardiorespiratory capacity. 

This helps to improve blood circulation and airflow, while also stimulating our hormones. This eliminates fatigue and makes us feel more energized and alive.

5. Decreased Stress

This energy boost and improved body awareness can also down-regulate your nervous system. As a result of lower cortisol levels, you’ll find that Pilates helps decrease your stress levels.

In turn, this can help you avoid fight-or-flight mode.

6. Improved Mobility And Flexibility

Flexibility is the amount of stress a muscle can give, while mobility is the range of motion we have in our joints. Both of these things can be improved through Pilates.

We need a good balance of flexibility and strength to optimize our stability and mobility. The beauty of Pilates is that we don’t need to stretch afterward, as most Pilates routines include stretches that improve flexibility, mobility, and strength.

7. Improved Immunity

There is some evidence that may suggest Pilates can improve and boost our immune system and the way it functions.

Particularly in older adults, improved circulation is believed to be the driving factor behind this. Improved circulation leads to an improved immune system, as it helps our immune system pump blood more effectively. 

Final Thoughts

In this post, we’ve shown you the biggest and most important benefits of Pilates. As you can see from our list, there are lots of benefits associated with this activity 

Pilates is a beneficial form of exercise that impacts our body’s in a wide range of different ways. Now you know how this sport can help you, why don’t you try a Pilates class and see what you think?

We’re sure you’ll love it!