What Are the Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

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Motorcycles. They can be exhilarating to ride and give riders a freeing feeling.

Unfortunately, they are not always the safest vehicles to drive on the road. In 2021, about 83,000 motorcyclists were hurt in a motorcycle accident. 

If you drive a motorcycle and are concerned about potential injuries, you may be curious as to what the most common motorcycle accident injuries are. Well, this guide will go over some of the most common ones that you should watch out for. 

Road Rash 

One thing that motorcyclists should be on the lookout for is road rash. This type of injury is common because it can be a result of even the most minor motorcycle accidents. 

Let’s say that you are driving your motorcycle on the road and all of a sudden, there is a vehicle that enters the road. They give no warning whatsoever and were not looking out for other vehicles on the road. 

This might mean a big enough car that you could get seriously hurt if you have a direct collision with it. So, you may try to dodge that vehicle by moving to its side. 

Unfortunately, you may lose control of your motorcycle in the process and crash it. While you may escape with minor injuries, your skin would likely come in contact with the road in this type of accident. This is especially the case for those that do not wear thick jackets or pants while driving. 

In this situation, you would leave the scene with road rash injuries. While most cases are not too bad, they can get severe depending on what type of accident you have. 

However, untreated road rash injuries could lead to infections or even nerve damage. Whatever the severity is, it is still important to make sure that you do not overlook those injuries. 

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Depending on your circumstances, you can even make a personal injury claim if your situation is similar to that described above. Learn more here about your options for a potential personal injury settlement. 

Head Injuries 

A major injury to look out for if you are driving a motorcycle is a head injury. The reason is that these can turn into very serious injuries if the proper precautions are not taken. 

One of those precautions is simply wearing a helmet. People that wear a helmet while they ride a motorcycle are much less likely to end up with serious head injuries since they’re putting some sort of thick protection on their heads. 

Not wearing a helmet could have severe consequences. It could lead to traumatic brain injuries and it could even lead to death. 

Take the proper precautions such as wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. 

Foot and Leg Injuries 

Considering that these are the closest body parts to the ground, it is no wonder why these are some of the most common injuries when it comes to motorcycle accidents. 

As a driver, you have to remember that your legs and feet are more exposed than other parts of your body. You can easily have a foot injury just for slipping off of your motorcycle or putting your foot too low to the ground. 

Another example is if you are wearing the wrong type of shoes. Some people may get careless and wear flip-flops while driving a motorcycle versus the recommended boots. 

This creates a lot more exposure to your feet. As a result, there can be much more serious injuries if you do get into a motorcycle accident. 

When it comes to your legs, an instinct may be to try to land on them if you fall off your bike. Combine that with being one of the closest body parts to the ground, there is a better chance of a leg or foot injury occurring in a motorcycle accident. 

Hand and Arm Injuries

Your hands and arms could be vulnerable body parts to injuries for somewhat similar reasons as your hands and feet. If you are wearing the wrong gear while driving, this increases the chance of those body parts getting injured. 

An example could be not wearing gloves on your hands while you are steering your motorcycle. Also, it’s dangerous if you’re not wearing a jacket to protect your arms. 

If you get in a motorcycle accident, your hands could still be on the bike to try to keep steering it. That can result in your hands and wrists getting caught up in the bike damage. 

On top of this, some people may have an instinct to land on their side if they think they are going to fall off of a motorcycle. If there is enough force while you fall off a bike, there is a good chance that you can land hard on your arm and injure part of it. 

The lesson here is to wear the proper gear while driving and be mindful of what body parts you land on in an accident. 

Learn More About Motorcycle Accident Injuries

These are some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries. If you are new to driving a motorcycle, the body parts discussed in this article are the ones that you should be the most mindful of protecting from a potential injury. 

That means taking the proper precautions such as wearing the right gear — including a helmet — while driving to minimize injury risk. Also, obey all of the traffic laws when it comes to driving a motorcycle. 

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