What are ergonomic casters and how do they improve workplace safety?


Casters are a great addition to any business and the majority of industries using ergonomic caster wheels have confirmed that it was one of the best decisions for their hospitals or clinics. If your health care facility is using other types of casters, you should reconsider: the ergonomic ones are designed to simplify the workflow and create a safer work environment. Simply put, they are smarter than other casters and can save your employees from serious accidents.

If you are yet to make your decision or you would like to know more about ergonomic casters, we got you covered: below you can read about their main characteristics and benefits.

Main characteristics of ergonomic casters

Narrow Wheel Width

This characteristic means that less of a wheel is in contact with the floor due to its narrow width, which implicitly results in less friction and less force used to maneuver.

Greater Wheel Diameter

Wheel casters are used for heavy-duty applications, therefore they need a large wheel diameter as it makes it easier to push. Greater wheel diameter also makes turning the wheels around the axles easier. This characteristic of industrial casters makes them indispensable in certain industries, such as aviation one.

Longer Swivel Lead

It is important that casters are easy to swivel and long leads provide exactly that as they move the wheel farther from the raceway and reduce the force required for the motion.

Benefits of ergonomic casters

Increase productivity

Since ergonomic casters make moving heavy-duty equipment easier and more efficient, it automatically means increased productivity.

medical cart

Greater mobility

Ergonomic casters are easy to push and turn, thanks to their large wheel diameter, in comparison to the traditional rigid casters, which offer limited mobility and have restricted mobility.

Improve safety

Ergonomic casters improve overall workplace safety by making the movement of equipment easier and more effortless- this prevents injuries such as muscle sprains.

The take home

If you are still considering whether to use ergonomic casters in your health care business, their many benefits can help to make your mind up and start optimizing your day-to-day operations.

There are expert teams on industrial caster manufacturers to help you with advice on ergonomic casters and choose the best fit for your health care facility.