Top 4 Ways Your Sleep Position Can Affect Your Sleep Quality


Sleep is very crucial not only for the mind but also for the body to work properly and actively. Opinions may differ, however getting home and sleeping in your bed after a long, tiring day is one of the most beautiful gifts one can have. Although many joys of life make us content — a mug of fresh coffee, leaving for the gym from the office on Friday, doing mindfulness exercises, etc., deep sleep has no substitute for many.

Let us get to the point, sleeping positions and their effects on sleep quality. Although a dark, cozy spot at home is the ideal location for getting a sound sleep, the way we sleep at night also has a significant impact on our bodies. Some sleep on a side having a pillow between their knees as a vital element while for others this may make their skin crawl. Similarly, the idea of sleeping on the back with straightened legs is also appealing. Below are a few sleeping positions and tips for you to optimize your sleep cycles. You can use these sleeping tips to improve your sleep quality and wake up the next morning full of energy. 

Side Sleeping 

A sleeper that follows this way should get happy, as in this posture sleepers can efficiently breathe during their REM sleep. Side sleepers by default position themselves in a way that results in promoting optimal breathing and with this undesired health ramifications can be avoided that arise due to airway blockage. In this case, sleepers have fewer chances to develop sleep apnea in the future. Also, this sleeping style can help avoid indigestion and heartburn. 

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Back Sleeping 

This way of sleeping is considered an effective way to sleep and is recommended by physicians. It earns such a positive response because sleeping on your back helps in keeping the joint’s integrity and as you age and it keeps the bones in order. So, if you are having pains, creaky bones, or agonizing discomfort in your lumbar area of the back (lower back), then back sleeping may be the answer you are looking for. 

Tummy Sleeping 

Sleeping on the belly is a bad habit, and it is not a hidden fact. Everyone knows it nonetheless, there are many people following this way of sleeping. This sleeping posture is the least productive. However, it still can provide some advantages if done rightly. This is one of the most comfortable postures for anyone to sleep in. First align your hips, spine, neck, and head before sleeping off. Also, if you face any back pain, try switching pillows. The flatter the pillow, the better alignment of your body will be. So, by taking these necessary precautions, unwanted issues like respiratory issues, restlessness due to bad posture, and snoring can be avoided.  

Fetal Sleeping 

This posture is the most popular one, around 40-45% of people follow this way of sleeping. In this style, people tend to sleep in a curled-up shape on their sides. This improves the posture of the whole body, as it allows alignment of the spine to be in its natural position. This position may also help ward off some permanent conditions like Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. As per research on animals, it was suggested that the fetal sleeping position can help avoid neurological diseases more than other sleeping positions. 

Which Position is Better? 

Selecting the best position comes down to the personal choice of everyone. Some postures due to any specific condition may not be recommended and can harm your health. So, in this case, you must consult with your physician and select the best sleeping postures from the above list.