Brown logo: how to create, examples

brown logo

A logo is something more significant than a regular icon. The main function of a properly designed logo is to identify your brand and comply with the six main functions. Some people think that this is a cute icon or a list of symbols, for some It is the brand name of the organization. A logo is an identification mark that is one of the identity elements that represent your brand. The logo should not be a non-objective set of symbols or an attractive picture.

However, the logo is not always created specifically for the farm. The logo serves as a protective factor of the rights to your brand.Before creating a corporate identity, it is necessary to determine which audience your company’s products are aimed at (age audience; women, men, children, etc.), what impression the corporate identity should make on people, what actions to encourage. And then proceed to the selection of colors or combinations of colors that will dominate the corporate identity of your company.

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The meaning of the brown color in the logo 

In every country, brown has its own meaning, somewhere it is associated with mourning, and somewhere – with happiness. Logos with brown need to be careful despite the fact that there is a hidden power and high cost in this color, not everyone will understand it. Although, in general, brown is perfect as a company logo. 

Because it will suit many areas. Brown is a very stylish color. That’s why brand creators love it so much. Many well-known clothing brands choose brown for their logos. It also emphasizes the high cost of exclusivity of your clothes in a word, it is perfect for designers. Since brown is quite a warm and calm tone, it will look good on the logo of the company from the field of electrics. Alternatively, it can be combined with warmer colors to evoke maximum emotions in the client. Brown has a relatively wide palette. But it is very important to understand that the slightest blunder of the shade can ruin all the logo.Each shade of brown has its own effect on a person. Looking at lighter shades, there is a desire to relax. They are able to pacify and suppress aggression. And bright brown colors on the contrary encourage the desire to do something. In any case, all tones attract attention.

 Examples of a brown logo

Image by Turbologo

Lots of ideas for creating logos with a brown circle. You can choose from customizable templates and release your inspirations to design the brown circle logo according to your needs. With the help of the Brown circle logo editor, it’s easier than ever to enjoy unsurpassed quality and design capabilities. You just need to select the brown circle icon and the corresponding colors and see the different versions of the brown circle logos.

There are industries in which brown will look out of place. Sometimes he can even alienate the client from your company. I do not recommend using this color for businesses associated with romance and feelings, modern technology, children’s entertainment. We also do not recommend using it for firms with a low pricing policy. After all, brown is still the tone of high cost and aristocratic chic, its enterprises with a low pricing policy. 

The brown color evokes a sense of reliability, strength, safety, comfort and warmth. It is chosen by self-confident people who value stability and traditions.Brown color is often found in the logos of companies whose activities are related to construction, agriculture, production or sale of chocolate and coffee.

Brown logos, embodying stability, solidity, confidence and natural strength, are becoming more and more popular. Brown, like the color of the earth, wood, hearth, symbolizes reliability, dedication, hard work and common sense. Brown logos are usually conservative and concise, often used by restaurants and cafes, confectionery and coffee brands. Such logos are associated with naturalness, moderation and caring.

 Brown logos

Logo by João Augusto

It is very important to remember that the slightest mistake in choosing a shade can ruin the whole logo. Choose it based not only on personal preferences, but also on the tastes of your target audience.