Vaping With CBD Oil: Is It Safe to Use?

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Vaping is an effective way of consuming CBD. However, what many vapers don’t realize is that not all manufacturers create these products equally. 

Contrarily, it’s ideal for picking your cartridges and brands carefully. This is to ensure you’re having effective and safe products that are contaminant-free and other health hazards when vaping on your ghost glass bongs.

You’ve probably read headlines that negatively talk about CBD? Presumably, that’s why you’re here wondering whether vaping with CBD is safe to use. 

You’re wondering if it’s safe to use vaping oil pens. This article will address whether vaping CBD oil is safe and some dangers and precautions you have to note. Read on to find out the truth.

Is vaping with CBD oil safe?

“We consider CBD oil safe.” According to a report by the World Health Organization (PDF), CBD is a tolerant and safe product for human consumption. Experts have also shown that CBD, a non- psychoactive component of hemp, is not physically addictive and not associated with abuse potential.The mere fact that vaping doesn’t involve combustion means that a user is exposed to far fewer toxicity risks than a cigarette smoker. So, even if you’re not keen on cutting back on your nicotine consumption, you can still vape top selling salt nic juice without exposing yourself to the inherent dangers associated with cigarette smoking. 

Problems with CBD vape additives

When you use unsafe products and ingredients, vaping CBD becomes dangerous. It would help if you avoided the following dangers.

Cuticle wax in CBD oil

The cuticle wax found in CBD oil can make you have nausea. The cuticle wax is a coating on the flower of the cannabis plant that includes hemp. This coating burns away when you smoke marijuana. 

Therefore, there’s no risk of respiratory problems. However, it isn’t the same case when you vape. The waxy bits cannot burn away that end up accumulating in your lungs altogether.

There’s a lack of concrete scientific evidence to prove this. However, if you’re having concerns about the accumulation of wax in your lungs that may eventually form granulomas, then it would be best to choose vape oils brands. 

These brands should have undergone winterization – a process that removes part or all the lipids, fatty acids, and wax from the plant. 

Thinning agents in CBD vape oil

Raw cannabis oil is used to make CBD vape oil. This oil is too thick for one to vape. Many manufacturers treat the extract with chemicals that make it less dense. That means it’ll be easier to vape. 

Also, low-quality CBD vape oil uses toxic, harsh thinning agents that can pose a danger to your health. These manufacturers use these potentially harmful thinning agents as a measure of cutting costs.

Even the commonly used thinning agents including, polyethylene glycol and propylene glycol, break down into cancer-causing agents such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. There are also vaping juices that contain carcinogenic nicotine.

Further, propylene glycol induced allergic reactions, including asthma and other respiratory problems. An International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health study found out that inhaling propylene glycol even in low concentrations can induce the complications mentioned above.

Is CBD oil non-psychoactive?


Another primary concern on the safety of vaping CBD oil is whether you might get high off it. It’s one of the most common misconceptions that people have about vaping CBD oil. 

There’s no possibility of getting high vaping CBD oil. Unlike THC – its cannabinoid cousin, CBD is non-psychoactive. 

What can you do to vape CBD safely?

The ultimate thing you can do to ensure that you’re healthy when vaping CBD oil is to invest in high-quality vaping pens. 

There’re suggestions that the temperature of the pen’s heater coil is crucial in producing efficient vaporization. This vaporization prevents the breakdown of thinning agents into cancer-causing agents like formaldehyde.

You’ll find many vaping pens that use e-coils that sublimate the vaping oil at high temperatures to what’s remotely needed. Currently, substandard vaping products are abundant with questionable safety. Unfortunately, these manufacturers are performing their safety tests on the public and their loved ones.

Eventually, suppose you want to vape CBD oil to relieve pain or other chronic conditions you may have daily. In that case, it’d be of your interest to invest your money in reputable, quality vaping pens without consideration of the cost.

Are there any alternatives to CBD?

If vaping isn’t your thing, or you might worry about the dangers of vaping CBD oil, there are other ways you can take it, including:

Sublingual Tincture   

This is a type of CBD oil that comes with a bottle. It allows you to put a few drops under your tongue. The glands under the tongue absorb it, meaning it directly goes into the bloodstream.

CBD edibles and capsules

You can mix CBD with a couple of foods, but the most common ones are lollipops or gummies that come as capsules to swallow. 

Final Thoughts

Is vaping with CBD oil safe to use? It could be safe: research has shown us it is safe to use it. However, science has also taught us the dangers of using substandard vaping pens that could pose a risk to your safety and health. 

It would be best to invest in high-quality vaping pens if you regularly vape. We know little of the long-term effects that may come from CBD vape juice. Vaping poses potential respiratory effects and other health concerns that need further study.

At the moment, the best you can do is to know your CBD e-liquid contents and invest in quality vaping pens.