How to use CBD oil effectively: Top 5 ways

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If you are thinking of purchasing CBD oil and implementing it into your daily diet, it’s always good to know some of its benefits and uses. You’ve probably heard plenty about the wonders of CBD oil, but let’s agree that it is useful to read up some more before you decide to consume it. Many people ponder whether it’s safe for your body and how to use CBD oil properly. But, it’s very simple, you can use it as a food supplement, in beverages, skincare, and the list goes on.

CBD products are considered safe and affordable. Some of the benefits include reducing anxiety and stress, but also help with conditions such as arthritis and cancer. Simply, CBD is used as a supplement for overall healthiness. If you are looking to begin your journey with CBD, or are only curious about the hype, here’s some useful information on how to consume it effectively.

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What is CBD oil?

Many question the real definition of this, but actually, it is very simple. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a compound found in the cannabis plant family, and since it is non-intoxicating it will not cause the familiar sensation of being “high”. It has therapeutic properties and is considered a natural supplement that is safe and very effective.

CBD oil is a health supplement, proving significant effects on illnesses as well as some conditions. Even though still not acknowledged by the FDA as a pharmaceutical drug, CBD has proven to be very helpful for our well-being. So, instead of reaching out for the standard medical drugs, why not try CBD oil since it is a more natural variant, and many times proved to be extremely helpful?

Top 5 effective ways to use CBD oil

Under the tongue (sublingual)

For first-time users, this is usually the most common way of ingestion because it is easy and not too complicated, and also doesn’t require special equipment. The process is known as sublingual administration or simply referring to the process of placing drops of the oil under the tongue. Through the thin membrane of the mouth, it passes directly into the bloodstream. Bear in mind that it is very important to follow the instructions on how to take CBD oil under the tongue.

Some of the advantages of the sublingual application are:

  • It is the fastest method of ingesting and it takes effect in about 15-20 minutes.
  • If taken this way, about 35% of the cannabinoids will be absorbed, meaning the best method for increased bioavailability (the amount that can be absorbed into the bloodstream).
  • CBD oils are the most affordable CBD products.


Oral ingestion is one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD oil. There is an array of available CBD edibles such as CBD capsules and gummies, and they usually come in pre-measured amounts so you may have to take more to have the same effect as taking it sublingually. It is usually the choice for people who do not enjoy the natural taste of CBD oil. If you are considering using this method, then make sure you purchase from a highly reputable company.

Some of the advantages of CBD edibles:

  • They enter the bloodstream slowly, making it is a longer-lasting method.
  • It is already measured, so you don’t need to look into a mirror to count the drops.
  • Because CBD oils can have a very intense essence, taking them as edibles means you will avoid this.
CBD Edibles


This is a similar method to edibles since it is also a way of consuming CBD orally. Recently it has become very popular, giving us a different way to experience the effects of CBD oil. You can infuse it into your favorite smoothie or simply add it to your coffee, but also some people like to mix it with alcohol. When mixed with wine through nanoemulsion it allows the CBD oil to infuse with it, giving you more benefits with the taste of wine.

Some of the advantages of CBD-infused drinks:

  • When mixed with coffee, CBD oil cancels out the negative effects of the coffee and provides a positive boost of energy without anxiety.
  • When mixed with water it is easy to drink and doesn’t need any extra preparation.
  • Mixed with wine it replaces the alcohol but leaves the aroma and taste of the wine, and also reduces calorie intake.

CBD oil for the skin

These products are used for acute conditions and are very effective because you apply them directly to the area that is acutely affected by stiffness, pain, or arthritis. It comes in different forms such as creams and ointments and is very useful for common conditions. When purchasing these products, pay attention to how much CBD oil is in them. Be careful not to buy a cream with high levels of CBD if you use it for the first time. This method has been done all over the world for centuries, applying CBD topically through ointments, balms, and salves rich in essential oils.

Some of the advantages of applying CBD topically are:

  • There are no extra tools needed for this method.
  • Using it is easy because you can apply it directly to a chosen part of the body.
  • It works wonders for skin problems like inflammation and acne.
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Recently, vaping CBD oil has become very popular among health-conscious consumers, and those who want to stop smoking tobacco. This is a lung-friendly method for inhaling CBD oil, allowing it to be absorbed through the lungs before being diffused into the bloodstream. Although being favored by many users, mostly young adults, there are some concerns surrounding the inhalation of CBD oil.

Some of the advantages of vaping CBD oil:

  • It is one of the quickest ways to deliver CBD to your bloodstream.
  • It is available in a variety of tastes.
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Final thoughts

One of the greatest strengths of CBD oil as a supplement is its versatility. Being able to be dropped under the tongue, eaten, or inhaled makes it a very convenient way of using it. Each of the methods comes with different benefits, but also some side effects. So, don’t forget to read about CBD oil before deciding to buy and consume it. Once you’ve done that, you can enjoy the many wonders of CBD oil.