USA Job Search Trends and Predictions in 2023

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There are few stable industries these days. Most employees should always be alert because employment trends keep changing, and their jobs and career depend on them. Luckily, US job trends won’t be too many surprises in 2023. Most of them are a logical continuation of the processes already in place last year.

Layoffs Will Continue, So Competition for Jobs Will Grow

Layoffs were one of the workers’ main concerns in the second half of 2022, and this won’t change this year, especially in the tech industry. Amazon, Salesforce, Meta, and several other tech giants have recently realized that they had previously overhired and don’t need as many employees as they currently have. As a result, a series of mass layoffs ensued. And 2023 will bring further workforce cuts.

So, don’t be overconfident unless you have a unique skill set that few other job seekers can match in your industry. Most of the layoffs in the tech industry have affected white-collar workers. So it’s not like AI is leaving lower-level employees out of jobs. It’s skilled professionals, many of them with years of experience and remarkable career accomplishments, who are at risk.

The best way to protect oneself from losing not only one’s current job but potentially the entire career is to search for alternatives. Any job seeker should always keep their resume updated in case they need to land a new job. If you are laid off, you should be ready to browse the most in-demand careers and switch to a new, more stable, and secure industry. Make sure that you won’t be caught off-guard no matter what happens at your company. 

Job Switching Will Grow More Than Ever

Another 2022 trend that will continue into 2023 is job switching. Long gone are days when it was praise-worthy to stay with the same employer for the entirety of one’s career. Now, employees are switching between jobs fast, which won’t change soon. If you’d like to boost your career, consider doing the same.

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Every new job comes with a chance to ask for a higher salary and, more importantly, with valuable professional connections. The more workplaces you change, the more networking opportunities open. That’s why the average employment time at the same company, which is already lower than three years, keeps shrinking.

That said, don’t feel like you have to switch jobs unless you want to. If you genuinely like the company you work at and can see excellent career prospects for yourself there, don’t go looking for a new job just because everyone else does. Employer commitment is a rare quality these days. So chances are, your employer appreciates your loyalty, which will result in excellent career development.

Workers Can Expect More Job Security

Despite the mass layoffs (or, more accurately, because of them), the government is actively trying to protect employees’ job security. For example, New York City is expected to pass a bill that will make it illegal to fire an employee unless there is a serious reason for doing so. Similar legislation will likely be adopted in other cities and states in 2023. This may be bad news for employers, but employees will surely benefit from it.

At the same time, unless you’re a well-known and sought-after expert in your industry, it’s still the employers’ market. Maybe something will change soon, but employees can expect their employer to come up with a “good reason” to lay them off if necessary. Don’t feel like job security-protecting legislation will ensure you can’t lose your job. It’s always safer to stay alert, be aware of industry trends, and keep looking for new career opportunities.

In-Demand Jobs to Look Out For

If you’re thinking of a career change, choose wisely. To be sure that you won’t end up out of a job, it’s better to look into in-demand careers. Here are a few of them worth considering in 2023:

  • Data Scientist. Data science jobs are projected to grow by over 30%, which means that a skilled Data Scientist will have no problem finding a job in 2023. It is also a well-paid career with employment opportunities across various industries. So if you have a degree in tech or statistics and are interested in data, consider investing in further data science training.
  • Information Security Analyst. The projected growth of Information Security Analyst careers is the same as in data science, and so is the average income. But due to the competition in the tech industry, you can’t possibly do without a proper educational background if you want to become an Information Security Analyst. It’s hardly an option for a quick career switch unless you already work in an adjacent field.
  • Nurse Practitioner (NP). Experts predict that NPs will be the number one in-demand career in 2023. If you’re already in nursing and want to increase your prospects, consider becoming an NP. Education is quite challenging and takes a while, but the job security and income you end up with are worth the time and effort.
  • Market Research Analyst. Market Research Analysts are already sought after and expected to become about 20% more so in 2023. If you have a degree in marketing and already work in it, consider expanding your data handling skills for a chance at a successful market research career.
  • Construction Manager. Construction projects are booming; many were on hold because of the pandemic, and now they are coming back all at once. So it’s not surprising that skilled construction managers won’t be out of a job in 2023. But you’ll need at least a Bachelor’s in construction management, so it’s only an option if you already work in construction in some capacity.

An Afterword

Overall, 2023 will bring more job security for some and less for others. Layoffs will continue, especially in the tech industry. But new employee-protection legislation might help reduce employer abuses. Job seekers who know what the most in-demand careers will be in 2023 and aren’t afraid to switch employers or industries should not have any career trouble in the foreseeable future.