Treatment Options for Loose Arm Skin

Surgery procedure

Even if you go to great lengths to stay at a healthy weight, you might still deal with some loose tissue over the years. Loose arm skin is particularly common, and that cosmetic issue can have a major impact on an individual’s confidence. Luckily, tightening loose tissue throughout the upper arms is easier than ever, and a skilled cosmetic surgeon can help you completely transform that area of the body. You can opt for arm lift surgery as a standalone procedure or have that operation carried out in conjunction with liposuction or any other number of cosmetic treatments. 

Dealing With Fat in the Upper Arms

Your body will do everything in its power to retain fat in certain areas, and that stubborn tissue is going to be very difficult to get rid of on your own. If you are tired of struggling with localized pockets of fat in the upper arms, then you might be the perfect candidate for liposuction. That procedure is more popular than ever, and it is one of the leading options for excess fat that isn’t responding to exercise routines or dietary changes. Stubborn fat can usually be removed in a matter of hours, and the results of the operation often last a lifetime with the proper lifestyle changes. 

Loose Arm Skin

After arm fat has been surgically removed or burned off naturally, many patients are left with loose skin along the upper arms. Those folds of skin might begin to shrink over time, but there is no guarantee that the arms will ever become completely toned. To deal with loose skin and excess tissue, you might want to take a closer look at the arm lift procedure. An arm lift is a simple and effective operation that usually only takes a few hours to complete, and it can have a profound impact on a patient’s appearance as well as their self-image. 

To begin the procedure, the patient will be given an anesthetic or sedative that completely relaxes them. The surgeon will then make one small incision along each arm so that the excess tissue can be removed. The final step in the process is carefully suturing the incisions closed so that compression bandages can be placed over the treatment sites. Once the compression bandages are in place, the patient should be able to return home within a few hours as long as they aren’t experiencing any post-op complications. 

What Will My Recovery Be Like?

As long as you follow all of your surgeon’s aftercare instructions, you should fully recover from this procedure within just a few weeks. During the first few days, a loved one must be nearby so that they can help you with everyday tasks. As the incisions and soft tissue begin to heal, you will gradually be able to move around on your own as long as you are careful. After a few days, patients should schedule a follow-up appointment so that the surgeon can ensure that they are recovering properly. 

Once your tissue has fully healed, you will be able to resume all everyday activities. In order to maintain the results, patients must stay at a healthy weight and protect their skin from sun damage. It is also recommended that all patients avoid tobacco products if they want to preserve the results. If you ever notice additional skin laxity issues in the future, then you can schedule an appointment with your surgeon to discuss touch-up treatments.