Top Time Management Strategies for Online Students


More students are now opting for online college programs. It’s because of the numerous advantages they draw from this mode of learning. First, it’s flexible and enables you to schedule study times you’re comfortable with. Moreover, it encourages collaboration between learners and students, which improves learning outcomes.

If you are transiting to this learning mode for the first time, you need to adjust to obtain the best results. For instance, you may at times find it difficult to attend your classes as you lack motivation. In other cases, it could be hard to balance between social activities and academic commitments. Either way, you need to strike a balance as soon as possible.

Time management is an aspect you can’t dissociate from online learning. It’s easy to achieve your academic goals when you understand how to allocate your time between online classes and social commitments. In addition, you should understand that education is important and treat it as a priority.

Most online students haven’t mastered the art of time management. That affects their level of productivity. What are the time management tips that can help you stay ahead as you pursue your degree online?

Create an Elaborate Schedule in Advance

Because the online learning schedule is flexible, it’s easy to lose yourself. For example, you have different distractions, including television shows, friends, and other social activities. If you aren’t careful, you may find yourself behind schedule. Doing things in a hurry may not help the situation.

What is the best way to ensure you’re always in control? Create a plan that works in your favor. That means you should list all the commitments you’re supposed to attend to and allocate enough time for them. Examples of the things you need to take note of include:

  • Specific assignments you’re supposed to complete
  • Scheduled lectures
  • In-person consultation hours with your professor
  • Exam dates
  • Student group discussions

Begin with the most urgent tasks on your schedule before you proceed to the others. Remove anything that doesn’t add value to your online learning from the list. More importantly, stick to your schedule unless it’s necessary to adjust it.

Resist the Urge to Multitask at All Costs

In some cases, you may feel you have too much on your tray as an online student. For example, you may be tempted to focus on a lecture, study for exams, and complete your essay at the same time. You should know this only reduces your productivity. You may not attain the proficiency you’ve always wanted.

The trick is to remain focused and deal with one task at a time. For instance, focus on your class sessions so that you can understand the course concepts. When it’s time to complete your assignment, concentrate on that. Avoid thinking about an activity that’s ahead.

Identify a Perfect College Study Area

College Student

Your academic productivity depends on the study area you choose. If you choose a good area, you’re more likely to focus on your academic work. On the other hand, an inappropriate place makes it difficult for you to study. Therefore, you should select a perfect location.

If you’re still unsure about the location, you can experiment with different areas. A place with fast internet saves you time as you can obtain the information you need fast. Moreover, ascertain the lighting is perfect. 

You need your study materials in one place to save time. If you keep moving to search for them, you end up wasting time. Create an environment that encourages time management.

Avoid Any Form of Distraction as You Work

In some cases, online studies may not be interesting. For example, you may find yourself being distracted by your phone or noises from outside. If you don’t take care of these distractions, you may end up wasting time and failing to meet your learning objectives. 

How do you avoid distractions? First, don’t study for too long. Take breaks and re-energize before you proceed. Moreover, you need to sleep adequately to improve your mental frame.

Review Your Progress From Time to Time

You need to have an idea about how well you’re proceeding with online learning time management. Analyze the outcome periodically. If there is anything you aren’t doing right, improve on it. Come up with new strategies where the old ones aren’t working.

Take Charge of Your Time

Online learning comes with its fair share of challenges when it comes to time management. However, you can improve things. Create a schedule, avoid multitasking, find a good study area, and cut off distractions. Moreover, you need to review your progress to determine if you’re moving in the right direction.

Article edited and fact checked by our editorial team


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