Tips on Bulking Up

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Aside from money and knowledge, one of the most important things many yearn for is a healthy body. A healthy person functions at the highest level they’re able to. They’ll also be able to do more. In today’s world, where a fever, cough, or runny nose can turn into a hospital admission, we need to be more health-conscious. When you get sick, you’ll feel bad and lose many opportunities along the way. 

Thankfully, many people are now watching their health and avoiding getting sick. So if you’re just getting started on a healthy lifestyle, you need a well-deserved congratulatory pat on the back. Starting a healthy outlook is the tricky part; you’re now soaring past that stumbling block. As health is often determined by weight and other factors, you should look at how heavy or light you are. 

If you’re thin and below your ideal weight, it may be best to bulk up to the correct weight. Bulking up has a lot of advantages for you, such as a stronger frame and an added resistance to illness. If you’re looking to bulk up, here are some tips to consider:

Hitting the Gym

If you want to bulk up and have a healthy body, hitting the gym is one of the best places to go. There’s literally no secret to it; being active in the gym is part of a healthy lifestyle. By doing the right exercises, you can add more muscle if you’re bulking up. Likewise, if you’re looking to lose weight, then going to the gym also helps. 

Aside from exercising and numerous facilities, you’ll be able to enjoy at the gym, you’ll also be able to target specific body parts. Through the use of certain gym equipment and proper routines, you can choose spots to develop. For example, if you want to develop the short head of your biceps, you can use cable stations to do cable curls. You can do short head biceps exercises such as chin-ups as well. 

Eating Right

Going to the gym alone won’t be enough for a healthy lifestyle. To get the healthiest body possible, you should pair working out with proper practices such as eating right. In addition, a protein-based diet can be helpful if you’re looking to bulk up. Lean meat such as chicken, turkey, and beef are perfect sources of the best protein for your body.

Aside from protein, you should also include healthy fats in your diet. Excellent sources of healthy fats include olive oil, avocado, fatty fish, and nuts. Omega-3, for example, is a substance found in fatty fish that helps reduce bad cholesterol and improves cardiac health. 

Do note that before going in for big dietary changes, you should consult your doctor or dietitian beforehand. Also, always eat in moderation or in healthy amounts. You can easily get carried away with eating, leading to more losses than gains. 

Proper Sleep

Now that you’re working hard at the gym and eating the right food, you need proper sleep. Although some might think that sleeping is counterproductive and lazy, sleeping the right way plays a big role in bulking up. After a hard day at the gym, your body needs time to recuperate. Your body does this mostly when you’re asleep. Sleeping allows your body to repair and build muscles, recover, and improve immunity. 

As mentioned above, you need to sleep the right way to reap the benefits. Remember that proper sleep isn’t measured solely by the hours you’re asleep. You also need to consider sleep quality. 7-9 hours of quality sleeping time per night is recommended if you’re bulking up. 


Bulking up to your ideal weight is one good way to be healthy. When you get to your ideal weight, it’s best to stay there. The three tips mentioned above may be simple, but they’re more than enough to give anyone a healthy body, whether they’re bulking up or trying to lose weight.