Tips for Choosing the Best Fertility Specialist

The journey towards parenthood comes with many uncertainties and ups and downs. But having a professional fertility specialist can make all the difference. Choosing a fertility specialist who will help you get pregnant or deal with matters to do with sexual orientation, fertility problems, and age is crucial. You want to choose a specialist who will guide you in finding the best solution and rekindle your hope of birthing a beautiful child.

In this post, we discuss a few reasons why you should visit a fertility clinic. And the tips to consider when choosing the best fertility specialist. 

Reasons to visit a fertility clinic

You do not waste time on treatment that will not work

Whether you’re looking to have your eggs frozen, IVF treatment, LGBTQ+ solutions to start a family, gender selection treatment, and so on, a professional fertility specialist does not do guesswork. And will give you the treatment that is right for your needs. 

Remember, time wasted on inaccurate treatment makes it a costly affair in the long run. And deciding on the correct treatment as soon as possible is crucial. What’s more, if a treatment does not work, you still have the time to seek an alternative one. And that is only possible if you work with a professional. 

Reliable fertility experts are frequently researching treatment options. And will mostly choose the right one for you the first time. 

Get the correct diagnosis

Most people think that there is only a single treatment for all infertility issues, IVF. And that it works for everyone. Yet, that is not the case. So many medical conditions can cause infertility. And it pays if you take your time to visit a reliable fertility specialist such as Dr Shahin Ghadir.

Without the correct diagnosis, you will spend so much money and time on treatments that will not work. Once the specialist gets an idea of what your issue could be, they determine the appropriate tests. And this helps to get an accurate diagnosis. 

You get access to varying treatment options

As seen above, many people seeking fertility treatment think there’s only one treatment option. But there are many. Different medicine gets customized and tweaked to meet varying patient’s needs and achieve their fertility goals. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fertility problems. One patient may want their eggs to get frozen, another low sperm count, and so on. But when you seek the services of a generalist, you risk getting the wrong diagnosis and treatment.

Yet, a professional fertility specialist such as Dr Shahin Ghadir will take their time to assess everything from your fertility history to your lifestyle, sexual orientation, and so on. That allows them to custom a treatment plan that will work for your lifestyle and goals. 

Infertility treatment and IVF

Tips for choosing the best fertility specialist

Board-certified fertility specialist

First of all, is the fertility specialist of your choice board certified and qualified to offer their services? Do they have academic awards to show for the same? Some clinics will use the term “fertility specialist” to describe their practice, but frankly speaking, most of them lack the necessary credentials. That means that your chances of achieving your goals are minimal. 

You want to choose a specialist certified in Obstetrics and gynecology, and reproductive health so that you get assured they will deal with your infertility issues. Also, a board-certified fertility specialist has all the tools to address your unique situation. And will give you the best directions to take so that you can achieve your goals. 

They also continue to conduct extensive research on women’s health and reproductive issues to broaden their knowledge. 


Another factor to consider when choosing a fertility specialist is their reviews. You want to go to their site and read what varying clients say about their fertility services. The best one, such as Dr Shahin Ghadir, has positive reviews, the highest pregnancy rates in the infertility field, and is known to put his heart and soul into every patient’s treatment.  

Also, check that they are distinguished and have recognition awards. That shows that they are reliable and that you can trust them for your fertility issues.

Compassionate and caring

Finally, you want to choose a compassionate and caring physician dedicated to helping his patients overcome their infertility and reproductive issues. And achieve their goals of having the family of their dreams for LGBTQ and traditional families. They should be committed to helping patients throughout their fertility journey and even help couples who cannot afford these services.