Things To Stop Doing If You Have Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

spinal back pain

Back pain can make life tough, even more when it is associated with a spinal condition. Such conditions are often debilitating and affect the quality of life. Lumbar spinal stenosis is a common issue that can leave you struggling with back and leg pain and even impact your mobility. While your therapist can help you with a tailored exercise plan to improve your strength and spinal range of motion, it is just half the work. You must also learn about things you shouldn’t do to ease the pain and manage the condition effectively. Here are some things you should stop doing right away if you have lumbar spinal stenosis. 

Stop waiting for it to resolve

Thinking that your back pain will resolve on its own is the worst mistake you can make. The pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis isn’t the same as regular discomfort. It is progressive and will get only worse if you do not get help. A tailored exercise program is the best way to get on the recovery track. It can reduce back and leg pain and improve mobility in the long haul. It is best to seek recommendations from a professional therapist who can assess your condition and suggest exercises to help.

Do not rely only on medication

Dealing with back pain is not easy and popping a pill for quick relief seems to be the best solution. But painkillers often do more harm than good as they can have severe side effects when you use them for prolonged periods. It is the last thing you will want to encounter when you already have health issues to deal with. While anti-inflammatory medications reduce swelling, they do not help with basic mobility. Getting treatment from a pain management clinic is a better alternative as they offer holistic therapies to get your life back to normal. These include a combination of corrective exercises and physical therapy that heal over the long term.

Stop seeing surgery as a solution 

You may think that surgery is the only solution to get lasting relief from the symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis and lead a normal life. Steer clear of the myth because studies indicate that physical therapy may be equally effective. At the same time, the risk factor is far lower with physical therapy, so it is a better option on any day. Cost and recovery time are some other factors that favor it as a treatment option. Even as surgery may be the last resort for some severe cases, it isn’t the only way to go.  Timely and appropriate treatment can save you from reaching that stage, so you must consult an expert sooner rather than later. 

Living with lumbar spinal stenosis is a challenge, but you can still preserve the quality of life by availing of expert treatment on time. Check with a specialist for a personalized exercise plan to provide effective pain relief and better mobility. A therapist can also devise a plan to manage the condition without invasive options.