The Safest Way To Put In Contact Lenses

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Putting in contact lenses without any help is a risky business. You can’t see what you’re doing, and there’s always the chance that something will go wrong. It’s not worth risking your eyesight to save a few dollars on an optometrist appointment. There are similar ways of putting contacts without prescription and contacts with a prescription.

Let’s take a look at the ways to put them correctly.

To begin, properly wash and dry your hands

Make sure to wash your hands with soap and water, not just use hand sanitizer. Rinse thoroughly under running water for at least 20 seconds, and then let them dry.

Open the case and use your fingertip to make the first contact lens

Use your fingertip to make the first contact lens out of its container. Place it on your non-dominant hand and don’t touch or put anything else in with it.

Use Contact Lens Solution To Rinse Them Off

After you’ve taken a contact lens in your hand, what you need to do is rinse them with a contact lens solution. Make sure that you only use this solution and not the regular water at all.

Place the lens on the top of your dominant hand’s index or middle finger

Place the lens on the top of your dominant hand’s index or middle finger. Center it over your fingertip, using a mirror for assistance if necessary.

Make sure the lens is in good condition and that the correct side is looking up

With a very slight twist, remove the contact lens from the inside of the lid and put it on your hand.

Hold the contact lens between your thumb and index finger

Now, look at the back of the contact lens (the side without any writing) to make sure it is clean. If there’s debris, use water or an appropriate cleaner to remove that from within the contacts. Then wipe down with a tissue before putting them in your eye.

In front of the mirror, open your upper and lower eyelids with the hand that isn’t supporting the lens

You’ll need to hold the lens in your dominant hand and then press it against one of your eyes. The contact lens will feel slightly slippery when you first touch it with the fingertips on that side of the eye. Press down gently but firmly enough so that most surface area is touching the eye.

Place your lens in the eye and look in the front of you or toward the roof

If you’re looking straight ahead, the lens will be in your left eye and vice versa. It may feel a bit uncomfortable when putting them on for the first time since contact lenses typically take a few days to get used to wearing. But don’t worry; your eyes adjust quickly. 

It’s important not to wear contacts while sleeping, as sleeping in contacts can cause your eye to dry out, and it may even lead to an infection.

Close your eyes slowly to settle the lens

Hold the contact lens in your fingertips and place it on the eye. Please close your eyes slowly to settle the lens, then open them again. This will help ensure you do not touch or scratch a cornea as you insert the lenses.

Repeat with the second lens

After correctly putting your first lens in the eye, now do the same process with your other lens.

We hope that this guide has been practical for you to learn how to wear the contacts with prescription and without prescription.