The Quick and Easy Way to Get a Maryland MMJ Card


Once you try to get a medical marijuana card in Maryland online, you’ll be stunned at how straightforward the process is. These days, it is possible to complete the entire process from the comfort of your home. No longer must you wait for an appointment and queue for the doctor!

Maryland has a fairly long-standing MMJ program, with medical marijuana legalized in 2013. Once you have your card, you’re free to visit a licensed dispensary and make a purchase. Moreover, you can purchase up to 120 grams of marijuana flower on a 30-day rolling cycle. With such generous limits, it’s a good idea to try and get a Maryland MMJ card, even though the state is soon set to begin recreational sales. Here’s a brief overview of what to do.

Get Your Details Together

Until January 2019, you needed nothing more than a patient ID number and a government-issued ID to purchase cannabis from a Maryland dispensary. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) later determined, however, that each patient must get an MMJ card at the time of registration.

Additionally, the MMCC decided that starting in April 2019, all patients must provide their cards when purchasing marijuana from a dispensary.

However, there was another big change in April 2021. It was decided that patient and caregiver ID cards were no longer required to include a picture of the subject. Yet, it is worth noting that the MMCC still demands a legitimate picture with a white backdrop for the application procedure and for confirming an ID at a marijuana shop.

You will need certain information before visiting the MMCC website, such as your Social Security Number, an email address, an electronic copy of a photo ID issued by the American government and proof of address. You also need an electronic copy of a photo taken within the last six months.

Please note that everything, barring the photo, must be dated within the last three months.

Create an Account with the MMCC

After gathering the necessary data, go to the medical marijuana patients page on the main MMCC website and scroll to the bottom to choose the appropriate registration procedure. At this point, you must confirm that you’re aged 18+. The site also asks whether you’re in hospice care.

Medical Marijuana prescription

At this time, you are not required to provide any medical records. You will get a confirmation email when you finish and submit the application. To make sure your account is authenticated, click the link. You’ll be pleased to find that your registration remains valid for 36 months.

You must now wait while the MMCC examines your application. Call them or write another email if you haven’t received a follow-up email in the next 45 days.

Book an Appointment with a Physician

As you can see, the procedure for getting a Maryland MMJ card differs greatly from other states. While other programs require you to schedule your consultation first, this process comes last in Maryland.

Once the MMCC approves your application, it sends an email with a patient ID number. Now, you can visit a doctor registered with the MMCC-registered physician. You need them to provide written certification to buy MMJ. If your family doctor isn’t registered with the MMCC, you cannot utilize them. Fortunately, you have a large selection of physicians to choose from.

As is the case in many states, you must have a legitimate doctor-patient relationship with the physician. Since Maryland allows online MMJ appointments, you can chat with the doctor online.

Buy Medical Marijuana in Maryland!

Once you have received certification from the doctor, you’re free to buy MMJ from a licensed dispensary. Presenting your MMCC ID card is required whenever you enter one of these dispensaries. Before letting you finish the transaction, the seller will check your credentials.

MMJ patients can print a temporary ID card which lasts for 90 days. You should know that if you don’t buy medical marijuana within 120 days of being certified, your card is no longer valid.

Final Thoughts on Obtaining Your Maryland MMJ Card

If you follow the instructions above to the letter, getting a medical marijuana card in Maryland is easy. Although the state is set to begin legal recreational sales, MMJ cardholders will benefit from higher purchasing limits and lower-priced products.