The Physical Effects of Marijuana Consumption

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The human body is quite a cool system working in harmony, allowing it to perform extremely complex actions. However, any external influence, such as temperature, humidity, snow, rain, or the influence of what we eat, drink, or smoke, can affect its balanced. This influence can be restorative: for example, a healthy diet is necessary for the tuneful functioning of the body’s systems. Or it can be destructive: for example, the use of alcohol, the safe dose of which does not exist.

Roughly speaking, the quality of one’s life depends on whether a person maintains this harmony. After all, if one systematically negatively affects their body, then over time, it will negatively affect them as a whole, damaging their profession and their ability to interact with others. That is why it is so important to restore one body’s health and not have a destructive effect on it.

Types of Marijuana Consumption

A couple of years ago, the joint was the prevailing method of marijuana consumption above all the other alternatives. However, the since the market of vaping devices is growing and dry herb vaporizer pens have appeared, the joint had to concede its leadership position. Still today, it is used in many third-world countries where the economic situation does not allow them to buy weed pens.

The above-mentioned weed pen is an electronic device, basically an e-cigarette, that enables the user to consume both tobacco-dried leaves and marijuana in the same way. The basic advantages of this device are convenience, economic benefits in perspective, and lack of burning products that can damage lungs.

Types of Cannabis and their Effects

Let’s talk about the effects of marijuana consumption on the body. We should first introduce a distinction between marijuana and medical cannabis, which in public discourse often merge into a single thing. Marijuana, as such, is a plant that has been used for centuries to eliminate pain, relax, or decrease stress. That is what people put in their best dry herb vape pen. On the other hand, medical cannabis is a plant that has been modified to remove part of real marijuana’s components. CBD (cannabidiol) constitutes a major part of medical cannabis. The other components of marijuana such ast THC are found in medical cannabis in such small quantities that they can hardly give any effect.

The growing popularity of dry herb vape pen and weed vape pen bring this difference into question since most people are not aware of the scientific nuances of it. Many people have a certain fear of substances like marijuana, and not without reasons. Marijuana is an addictive substance. The fact that it is not as harmful as cocaine does not make it safe. Therefore, people fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana are making incredible efforts to educate the ignorant part of society.

Therefore, the use of cannabis in its pure form and its refined part, often just called CBD, can have different effects. However, since one way or another, CBD constitutes the most prominent component of marijuana, a certain similarity can be observed. First, any type of marijuana stimulates a certain relaxation of the body. However, marijuana in its pure form also has a certain psychotropic effect. That is, it stimulates the brain, thanks to THC – another quite powerful component of cannabis – all while CBD helps to calm, relax, and relieve pain.


The CBD issue

CBD is a cutting issue in today’s world. Many organizations worldwide are trying to make the usage of CBD in medical environments legal. The problem is that, firstly, many people are still afraid of making such a decision on social and political levels. Secondly, it is difficult to provide proper control over CBD use. For sure, some states show great, successful examples. However, the official data cannot represent the facts that officials are unaware of.

Indications for CBD usage are anxiety, depression, pain, muscle disorder, seizure disorder, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, etc. However, CBD can never heal any of the aforementioned diseases. In fact, it helps to eliminate the side effects of certain diseases. So, even if a doctor prescribes a person CBD, it means that there should exist other methods or medications that complete the curing scheme. So far, there is no scientific evidence that the use of CBD only can cure any disease.

At the same time, it should be remembered that a ‘safe dose’ exists. If you consume CBD orally, up to 200 mg daily for up to 13 weeks is considered a safe dose. However, it should be consumed under the constant supervision of a healthcare provider to avoid any misuse, allergic reactions, or other dangerous situations. The basic side effects of CBD consumption are dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness.

Although there are no observations of side effects of CBD overdose if applied to the skin or inhaled CBD vape oil using a weed pen, it does not mean that there are none. At least there is a long list of its interaction with other medicines.

The Real Marijuana Physical Effects

Talking about those who prefer using whole marijuana to get some psychotropic effect should be aware of several short- and long-term physical effects.

The short-term issues that might appear include short-term memory problems, psychosis, hallucinations, lack of movement coordination, lowered reaction, increased heart rate, erectile dysfunction (for males), etc.

The long-term issues that might appear include lowering IQ level, poor work/university performance, impaired ability of quick-learning, and addiction.

This dentist who does dental implants in Jefferson City also adds that the use of marijuana can also lead to dental and oral problems such as teeth staining and periodontitis.

Some social effects can also follow the above-listed physical effects. They include a drop in welfare, certain financial difficulties, moving to a marginal line of society, loss of a workplace, relationship problems, or loss of a partner. These things always happen out of the blue. A person cannot first notice that their friends are becoming more distant and that their bank account will not be able to survive this ‘hobby’ in a few months. Such social issues also have physical effects. Having no money means not spending on check-ups and treatment.