HealthKeeperz Sponsors Boots & BBQ Celebration for Fourth Year

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UNC Health Southeastern Foundation just hosted its 10th annual Boots & BBQ Denim & Diamond Celebration at the arena in the Southeastern North Carolina Agricultural Events Center in Lumberton, North Carolina.

For the fourth consecutive Year, Pembroke, North Carolina-based home health care and equipment company HealthKeeperz was among the event’s sponsors, along with other local companies similarly committed to the health and wellness of North Carolinians.

The Boots & BBQ Celebration welcomed live American country and folk music and provided eats catered by Fuller’s Old Fashioned BBQ. Proceeds of the event are going to a worthy cause.

Event Supports Hard-to-Fund Projects and Promotes Better Patient Experience

This year, funds raised at the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation event will go directly to remodeling the UNC Health Southeastern emergency department.

As locals know, it’s one of the busiest ERs in the state, treating around 60,000 patients a year.

  • This renovation aims to empower health care teams to shorten wait times and improve patient experience during urgent and emergent medical events. It will also focus on strategies that address the vital issues regarding patients: safety, privacy, and comfort. 

The hospital hopes to update the facilities to more accurately reflect the modern, thriving community surrounding it.

HealthKeeperz Believes Event Aligns With Its Values

The health care community has endured unfathomable stress and hardship over the past couple of years as they’ve worked to support patients during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. UNC Health Southeastern Foundation and HealthKeeperz are committed to standing with fellow health care workers in the community.

HealthKeeperz President Tim Brooks recently explained why he believes the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation mission is so important: “We pride ourselves on being community-driven, and this is a great cause that goes hand in hand with what HealthKeeperz aims to represent. Our long partnership with the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation aligns with our company values and our shared desire to give back to North Carolinians.” 

Community Support Important to UNC Health Southeastern Foundation

Businesses and individuals interested in the UNC Health Southeastern Foundation’s mission and supporting health care workers in North Carolina should consider contacting the foundation office at to learn more about opportunities to volunteer, contribute, and otherwise help. 

What Does UNC Health Southeastern Foundation Do?

UNC Health Southeastern Foundation is a registered nonprofit organization. It focuses on regional initiatives to improve health care quality and access in North Carolina. It works directly with several local business leaders who serve as the group’s board of trustees. Together, they share the mission of supporting health care workers, which in turn, improves patient care.

Thanks to its fundraising efforts, the foundation has raised money to support much-needed patient experience projects that often get pushed to the back burner when allocating hospital budgets.

What Does HealthKeeperz Do?

Founded in 1966, HealthKeeperz serves communities throughout North Carolina with palliative care, medical equipment, and home health care services. It combines modern medical care with a focus on God’s love and compassion for patients and their families. The company believes that patients should be treated as whole people — body, mind, and spirit — and the staff works to assist both patients and their families.

With a team of over 150 health care and support team members, HealthKeeperz works to support patient families through difficult care decisions for their sick loved ones who may be nearing the end of their life or faced with a long road to recovery. The organization is committed to working with the medical community to provide a sense of dignity and comfort regardless of health challenges.