The Importance of Clean Water for Healthy Living

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The importance of water is no secret. Water makes up over 60% of our bodies, it fuels our brain, as 70% of it is water and rejuvenates your energy to an optimum level. Water is a key component to ensure we are living a healthy lifestyle. Ensuring you have access to clean water is a human right, it allows us to grow, develop, focus and re-energise.

The recommended amount of clean water we should be consuming each day differs depending on age, weight, sex, activity level and the climate you are in. On average we should be drinking about eight pints of water a day, this number only increases depending on how much activity you do too. The rule of thumb is with each thirty minutes of exercise you should then consume another pint of water, at the very least.

Why Should Get Access To Clean Water?

Encouraging a healthy well-being is waters primary function, however it can help to regulate a lot of other things in our lives. If you do not have access to clean water, it can really impact these basic functions. Water allows you to regulate your bodies temperature, flush out bad toxins in your body and digest your food better. Water is a key protector of your body’s tissues, spinal cord and your joints. This is because the water acts as a lubricant reducing any discomfort when moving. It also allows you to help reduce your weight and manage it better, this is due to it helping you feel much fuller after food.

It is important to ensure that you have some kind of filtration system in place to get the best water levels in your home. You can refer to sites like Waterfilterspot to learn more about water treatment and testing. Nevertheless, water is also a component of a lot of other things we have no control over, such as food, textiles and agriculture products. It is important to be vigilant to the impact of these things.

At present we treat water as an unlimited source, it is used irresponsibly in many industries. This mindset has to change to ensure we have access to clean water for years to come. This is especially relevant in the textile and agricultural industries, this water is soiled and then put back into local rivers, the sea or into the surrounding environment. This contaminated water can then be used as drinking water by people in that area, causing a lot of serious health issues.

Filtered Water Bottle

How Can I Get Access to Clean Water?

Clean drinking water can be achieved anywhere with the help of filtration systems. These can be found in an array of different styles and places to locate them in your home. The need for the filtration system is dependant on where you are and how important it is to get clean water. For some locations you can already find clean water or will not need a filtration system per say, however the individual will need to make that call based on their own comfortability.

In many other cases a filtration system is needed, this can be done via a point of entry filtration system or a stand-alone filtration system. The point of entry systems can be installed at the mains of the house to allow all of your water outlets to have filtrated water. These can be quite expensive at first, but the benefits and peace of mind felt by the user is priceless.

The stand-alone filtration systems are an easier, cheaper and quicker way to get clean filtered water. These can be bought from many outlets and shops and installed by practically anyone. They can come in may differently voids, some are used purely for drinking water as you needed such as jug-based filtration systems. These are mainly used for drinking water of for mixing with juices and are kept in the fridge to be chilled.

You are also able to get single taps, or fossette filtration systems too. These are great for households where the water quality is not great, and a lot of people live in the vicinity. The initial outgoings will quickly be offset due to the amount of usage and ease of access to said clean water.

There are many other removable filtration systems that are easier to move around with and use on the go. There are filtration straws, water bottles and other easy to use items. These are a great option for the more active person. These are also great for travellers and people with less access to a water source in their home. Many of these products were initially designed for this reason and have really helped out in many third world countries, or countries that do not have a lot of access to clean, fresh water. These innovative designs have helped save lives and given the basic human right to many people.


Having access to clean water is extremely important for everyone. It is a basic human right and a necessity to ensure that you can function and develop well. Water allows your body to reenergise and heal itself. Everyone should focus on getting enough water intake each day, you should carry bottles and drink water with all meals and snacks. It might even be a good idea to track your water intake to ensure you are getting exactly the correct amount that you need. Many people may leave themselves reminders on their fridges or have alarms on their phone too.

Of course, you can drink as much water as you like, but if it is contaminated or comes from a bad water source you could be doing yourself a lot of harm. Please ensure that the water you are drinking is fresh and decontaminated with the use of a filtration system. This way you will have the best possible water available to you and to better enrich your body. Please consider this when you are travelling around, looking for a new home or area to live in and really in any general capacity, water quality is extremely important.