How To Support A Loved One Experiencing Topical Steroid Withdrawal


Having a loved one dealing with topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) is never easy. There are things they may not do because of the withdrawal symptoms. For instance, they may not enjoy activities, such as attending social outings and going on weekend expeditions. Because of how painful it is to deal with the symptoms, they’ll avoid all interactions and opt to be alone most of the time.  

Topical steroid withdrawal refers to a situation that occurs when an individual suddenly stops using topical steroids after frequent and long term use. Topical steroids are anti-inflammatory drugs used for controlling many skin disorders, including eczema and dermatitis. Although short-term use seems harmless, long-term use may have serious side effects, especially if it’s followed by abrupt withdrawal.  

In most cases, the symptoms associated with TSW can manifest within a few days or weeks after stopping the use of topical steroids. These symptoms can differ depending on the type of rashes. For instance, when you develop red and swollen rashes, the common symptoms may include redness or swelling of the skin, scaly skin, and red bumps. However, when you have bumpy rashes, you can experience less prominent swelling and redness with pus-filled bubbles but without skin peeling.  

Unless you’ve experienced the same condition, you may not fully understand the feeling of pain associated with it. Generally, there are some moments when dealing with someone with TSW can be quite challenging. However, there are things you can do to provide support to someone you love with TSW.  

Keep reading this article to learn how.

Recommend Some Effective Solutions To Ease The Pain Or Discomfort 

Supporting a loved one struggling with topical steroid withdrawal means looking for ways to ease the pain and other serious side effects brought by the condition. Although there’s no definite time when they’ll recover from the withdrawal symptoms, you can reduce the physical discomfort they’re feeling by recommending the use of some effective solutions. These can include topicals, supplements, routines, and therapies that may help reduce inflammation and improve overall skin health, speeding up the healing and recovery process. 

For example, there are creams, lotions, and sprays that may help reduce the inflammation caused by the withdrawal symptoms. You may also perform some bathing and sleeping routines and do some therapies, like cold exposure and naturopathy, to manage TSW more effectively. 

Moreover, there are reliable websites, such as TSW Assist, and other databases providing crowd-sourced information from people with TSW who also share their solutions on how to handle the condition. You can check these sites out and look for possible solutions to help your loved one manage their TSW. This will be a good way of making life much easier for them.  

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Try Some Strategies To Address The Mental Dilemma Caused By TSW 

Apart from some effective solutions to help ease the pain of your loved one with TSW, you can support them by trying some strategies to fight the mental battle associated with the condition. These strategies include:  


When someone you love starts to open up about their anger, pain, and sadness about TSW, it’s essential to listen. When they feel so vulnerable, all they want is to have someone with whom they can share and discuss what they’re feeling about the situation. Although the conversations may seem repetitive, you can effectively support them if you know how to listen. When listening, you don’t need to say something to make them feel better. All you can do is show them you’ll be there to pay attention and comfort them throughout this difficult time.  

Being Patient

Dealing with TSW can be a long journey. It’ll undoubtedly test you to your absolute limits. However, if you need to support a loved one with this condition, you’ll have to be patient. This means trying to find some solutions together to any problems as they arise. Since their personality may change from time to time because of TSW, try to be understanding and wait until they feel better, even if it means enduring an extended period.  

Furthermore, trying to be patient means showing some small acts of kindness, such as making dinner for them and having movie nights together to ease their pain. These acts of support will make a massive difference to their healing.  

Bottom Line  

Seeing your loved one suffer from the severe side effects of topical steroid withdrawal can be frustrating and painful. There are times that you probably want to take the pain away from the person you love to make them feel better. Fortunately, by keeping the information mentioned above in mind, you’ll be able to help them stay calm and smooth over the rocky process.