Staying Healthy Over 50 – Tips & Tricks

happy elderly

The reality of the 21st century is that people are living for much longer than ever before. Advanced medical interventions, greater access to information, and better living conditions have meant that the population is living well into their 80s and 90s. And so, as you age, it is more important than ever to make some lifestyle changes that will keep you in optimal health, both mentally and physically.

Get your body moving

One of the most important factors for a healthy body, no matter your age, is to partake in daily exercise. If you are feeling up to it, swimming is one of the gold standards for exercise, no matter your age. Not only is it low impact on your joints, but being able to swim at your own pace means that it is accessible to many. 

Walking is another fantastic low-impact way to exercise. Taking half an hour to walk outside every day will not only increase your physical fitness but will also have a positive impact on your mental state. For those who are feeling up to the challenge, Parc Provence memory care facility even runs dance and yoga classes tailored to individual strengths and abilities and designed to keep their residents moving. It is particularly great for all the Alzheimer’s and dementia individuals living in this assisted living and nursing community. It can reduce stress and inflammatory factors, helping them to cope more effectively. 

Gardening, another activity offered here, will not only allow you to enjoy the beautiful grounds but will also give you the vitamin D boost so vital to feeling good.

Take supplements tailored to you

With the advances in modern medicine, you now able to take supplements to boost your immune system, and with your doctor’s go-ahead, there are certain ones that are especially beneficial to the over 50s. Studies have shown that as people get older, their bones can become frailer and easier to break, meaning that bodies require more vitamin D. Taking supplements of both vitamin D and calcium will increase your body’s ability to keep bones, muscles, and teeth healthy. Vitamin B12 is also a fabulous supplement to take, as although your body still requires it for optimal health, sometimes it can become hard for this to be absorbed naturally through diet. B12 is responsible for keeping your red blood cells and nerves healthy, therefore targeting your overall health. 

Eat healthy and nutritious meals

A fantastically easy way to overhaul your lifestyle for the better is by changing the things you eat. Incorporating whole foods as much as possible will mean that not only are you consuming the food groups and vitamins that are needed to stay strong, but it will have a great impact on mental health too! 

Feed your soul 

Mental stimulation has been proven to improve your quality of life drastically, and what better way to do this than to do something you love. Finding somewhere that has amenities to keep every member of their community involved, including pet therapy, social group, bridge and poetry clubs, and tea and cookies on the sun porch, is a must. 

The one rule to remember is that every little helps when it comes to your body. If you can even adopt just some of the great tips here, you will find that your overall health will start to improve, giving you higher levels of energy to enjoy life.