Simple ways to keep yourself safe and healthy when you return to the office

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As we begin to emerge from this latest lockdown, restrictions are already starting to lift which gives us the freedom to meet with friends and family, visit the high street, get a haircut and indulge in a meal (or two), all with social distancing and safety in mind. This new phase of the pandemic has also given the green light for offices and shared workspaces to welcome back their employees, encouraging people to get back to work in a traditional environment.

Of course, your company will outline the specific details of your return, and you’ll be given a list of instructions and guidance that will help keep everyone safe and healthy. But there are other ways you can ensure you look after yourself and prioritise your health when you return to your traditional workspace. Read on to find out more.

Always keep hand sanitiser handy

Your employer should provide hand sanitation points throughout your office, however, having your own supply of hand gel or sprays available at a whim will ensure you’re always conscious of your hands and keeping bacteria at bay. You’ll find a luxury range of hand sanitiser spray pocket size from Purdy & Figg here. Infused with essential oils, this luxurious formula will kill germs effectively and leave your hands smelling fabulous. Keep your sanitiser in your bag and you can utilise it after using public transport, during your commute and throughout your working day.

Don’t be afraid to question employer choices

When you return to your office you’ll be able to see what protections your employer has put in place. If you’re unhappy with what your employer has proposed or you’re questioning its efficacy, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Take the stairs

If you work in an office block then you may be anticipating using the elevator to reach your office and move between floors. Periods in enclosed spaces like these without access to fresh air can increase the potential risk of infection, so avoid using the elevator where possible and take the stairs instead. If you need to use the elevator, then consider waiting to get on when it’s less crowded or ask others to wait for the next one. On the plus side, think of all the exercise you’ll get taking the stairs!

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Change your laundry habits

If you’re particularly concerned about the virus and heading back to the office, consider changing your laundry habits and washing your clothes the moment you return home – along with your facemasks.

Be conscious of those little habits

Whether you’re chewing a pen, resting your head on your hands, scratching your nose, or touching your face, be conscious of all those little habits you have when you’re concentrating (or procrastinating!). Ask a coworker to give you the heads-up if they spot you touching your face!

And finally, ask to work from home

If you’re anxious about returning to work, then don’t be afraid to voice your concerns and your preferences to your employer. Many employers are opting to make WFH a permanent option for their staff, as a way to reduce costs and to keep the risk of infection low.