Some CPAP Accessories that might be new to you

CPAP Machine

If you’ve been using a CPAP machine to treat your sleep apnea, you might be familiar with the basic gears that come with it.

However, some not-so-known CPAP accessories can make your therapy more comfortable and convenient.

So, in this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the unique yet effective CPAP accessories available in the market. Ensure to buy them for enhanced outcomes from the treatment.

Chin supports

This accessory is mandatory to use when using a CPAP device. They are designed to stabilize your head and properly align it with your neck and back during sleep. Thus, it helps keep your jaw closed to prevent breathing through the mouth.

These elements also support the mask, preventing it from flopping around while you sleep. Thus, when buying chin supports, always pick the one that is compatible with the style of your CPAP mask.

CPAP mask liners

This accessory is a vital part of the CPAP system. It prevents skin irritation on the face, nose, and ears, allowing the patient to breathe freely without discomfort. Thus, it enables the patient to rest peacefully and sleep well at night.

It is usually designed according to the specifications of each patient so that it fits perfectly on their face.

Different types of these accessories are available in the market and come with different features. If you live in one of the US states and looking for one, you can opt for Liberty Sleep Apnea to shop CPAP accessories in Canada.

Nasal gel pads

These soft pads contain gel material that helps clear your nasal passages and prevent airway obstruction while asleep.

Place the adhesive side of the pad over your nose and then wear the CPAP machine. Using them with CPAP devices allows you to use the machine without a humidifier, which can be inconvenient and expensive. 

However, it can also be used in conjunction with humidifiers, but it should not be used as a substitute for humidification.

Besides, these accessories help prevent snoring, soreness on the nose bridge, redness, skin irritation, and mask leakage.

Heated tubing insulators

CPAP Accessories

When you use a heated humidifier with your CPAP device, the air heated inside the humidifier continuously passes through the tube to reach your airway. 

However, it leads to a drop in the temperature in the tube, forming condensed water droplets. This water, in turn, flows to your mask, hindering your therapy and disrupting sleep.

So, to prevent this occurrence, heated tubing insulators are used. They keep the air passing through the patient’s mouth and nose warm when they sleep. They also ensure that the air flowing doesn’t freeze while sleeping.

Eye shields

Eye shields are not only a must-have accessory for patients suffering from sleep apnea but also great for those who want a comfortable sleep.

People with apnea and using CPAP devices often face dry eye and foggy vision issues when they wear glasses or contacts. As the CPAP mask always lies above your nose and beneath the eyes, there are high chances of air leaking into your eyes. It causes dryness in your eyes and fogs your glasses.

So, CPAP accessories like eyepatches and goggles are the best way to combat these problems. You can put on eye shields, guarding the CPAP mask in the front. It will deflect the machine’s leaked air and protect your eyes.

End thoughts

So, aren’t these CPAP accessories entirely new to your knowledge? Although unknown, the 5 accessories mentioned above are highly usable. They can not only help you get a better night’s sleep but also continue your treatment effectively.If you are also suffering from sleep apnea, get these CPAP accessories, we’re sure you’ll find them helpful.