Shoe Inserts For Heel Pain – Whys And Hows?

foot pain

You walk a lot! You don’t have good quality shoes or sleepers! Your floor is the main reason! Have you heard this all? You know it. Heel pain is normally ignored by most people based on the above comments. However, one has to understand the real reason behind this excruciating pain. Shoe inserts for heel pain can definitely help you; still, finding the reason behind the pain is always necessary. There are rubber, thin plastic, cotton and silicone gel heel cups and coverings that can be worn inside the shoes to make the heel pain bearable.

There are several ways to manage foot pain; the easiest one is making use of shoe inserts for heel painInserts like insoles relieve the pressure and soothe the pain. It helps the muscles and tissues in creating a balance while spreading the pressure from toes to heel. There are several reasons causing plantar fasciitis like age, work-out style, weight, foot shape, profession, etc. 

foot pain

Shoe Inserts For Heel Pain:

Nowadays, the market is flooded with accessories that can help in relieving the heel pain of people. Insoles or orthotics are one of the most common shoe inserts for heel painFrom athletes to the common people suffering from heel pain, make use of insoles to have a regular life with less pain. The best inserts prevent pain and heel rolling or slipping and they can be purchased online. 

Sports And Outdoors:

Whether it is a hobby or a passion, you need to give your heel a little time to heal. So, for the time being, pick activities that do not create stress on your heels and are easier to work with. Activities like bicycling, swimming, slow walking, etc., avoid stress on your heels. Medicated footwear can help during aerobic activities. If you wear insoles during sports, they can help a lot while doing gymnastics or during medium-to-high arches. 


The heel is directly related to your shoes. Hence what type of shoes or slippers you wear also matters a lot when it comes to heel pain. You can use shoe inserts for heel pain and also buy shoes that offer proper arch support and have good shock absorbency capabilities.

Lifestyle Changes:

Whether you accept it or not, lifestyle has a great impact on our physical and mental health. Similarly, in the case of heel pain, a little change in lifestyle and managing your weight can work wonders.

Compression Socks: 

As per the experts, apart from shoe inserts for heel pain, compression socks also helps in managing the pain. They again help in dividing the pressure from heel to toe and relieve the pressure. They are versatile and work well even when you wear them to the office. 

Exercises And Workout:

Exercises like stretching help in avoiding muscle cramps and reinstate the proper flow of blood. Several insoles made of foam, synthetic and fabric help a lot to reduce stress during workout and keep the feet cool, dry and odor-free. Heavy workout routines can damage the muscles more severely than before. Therefore, take it slow and easy with your heel.

Icing And Resting:

You are not a robot, so don’t act like one. Basically, the pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation in the tissue. Icing helps in reducing inflammation and soothes the pain.


The human body is prone to illness and diseases. It is our duty to take care of every pain and injury. In order to care, we need to understand ourselves and our body. Don’t overstress your body and use support if needed. Supports like shoe inserts for heel pain can ease your way in life.