Shed Your Body Fat And Build Muscle With A Proven Technique

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Andarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM), also known as 8, S-40503, or S-4. It binds with the androgen receptor (AR), where the testosterone hormone has its main site of action. The prime functionalities of S-4 are to treat osteoporosis and deal with muscle wasting. During the late 1990s, GTX, Inc. developed this drug.

Functionality of Andarine

After oral consumption, Andarine gets attached to the body’s proteins (androgen receptors (ARs)). After binding with these receptors, it hints to the bones and muscles that they should grow. In a way, it imitates the effects of testosterone. The difference is that the impact of Andarine is stronger in bones and muscles than in reproductive organs. 

The androgen receptors to which Andarine is bound are detected in fat cells. Consequently, a rising number of fat cells are broken down to create energy. Simultaneously, Andarine is an inhibitor for the creation of new fat cells. The overall outcome is that the body fat value gets reduced. The other way is that Andarine boosts metabolism. Due to this, the body burns more calories. As time progresses, body fat is minimized. 

When S-4 binds to Type II ARs, the outcome is increased lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and more fat loss. Myogenesis or muscle growth is fostered when S-4 binds to Type I ARs. 

Impact on Muscle Mass

It is evident from case studies that when animals consume Andarine, the impact is the animals witness muscle growth and an increase in strength. When castrated rats consumed this drug for four weeks, their muscle weight increased similarly to the rise due to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Andarine did not lead to prostate enlargement, while DHT and other steroids were accountable for this enlargement. When rats were examined 12 weeks after castration, the lean body mass (muscle) in these rats was restored.

Defeat of osteoporosis

For the osteoporosis study, the ovaries of female rats are removed, and male rats are castrated. During the study of such rats, the observation is that the consumption of Andarine raised the strength and mineral density. The conclusion is that Andarine is particularly useful in defeating osteoporosis because muscle strength and bone density are increased. This decreases the possibility of fractures in case of falls.

Loss of fat

When female rats without ovaries are provided with Andarine, their body fat decreases.

Timeline of S-4

Humans can witness the results of consuming S-4 after two to four weeks of commencement of consumption. To experience the gross results, you may have to display patience for many months. Based on your exercise schedule, diet plan, and dosage amount, there is a variation in the results of individuals. If you are desirous of optimum results, you must ensure two things. First, consume S-4 for a minimum of 12 weeks. Secondly, you must confirm that you buy Liquid Andarine from a consistent, high-quality vendor coupled with excellent customer service. Third, consult your doctor since the consumption of steroids for sports constitutes doping and it’s illegal in many countries and states.