Top Reasons to Seek Professional Help for Mental Health

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Psychotherapy, counseling, talking therapy or just therapy are just different names for the same thing. Mental health counseling used to be fairly faux pax, something that people were afraid to talk about in public.

However, in 2020, mental health counseling has been something that people proudly discuss as they look to improve their sense of self. If you are new to the idea of seeking professional help to improve your mental health, you might be searching for signs about whether or not you need psychotherapy.

That’s where we have decided to help. With that in mind, remember that there are no rules when it comes to seeking professional mental health help. The most important rule is that if you think you could benefit from talking to someone, you should absolutely talk to someone.

However, if you are looking for something a little more concrete, consider these signs.

Should I go to therapy?

It may take some time and serious consideration before you decide whether or not you are ready for therapy. You may even feel like you want to take the added time to try to improve your life on your own and see if any lifestyle changes, time or the support of your friends and loved ones can help you overcome whatever you are struggling with.

In general, the American Psychological Association suggests considering therapy when something causes distress and interferes with some part of your life, especially when:

  • Thinking about coping with issues in your life takes at least one hour of your day
  • The issue causes embarrassment and makes you want to avoid contact with other people
  • The issue has decreased your overall quality of life
  • The issue has impacted your relationships, performance in work or school
  • You have already made changes in your life to try to cope with the issue

A good start may be to seek some at home help using a red light therapy device. Some mental health conditions like anxiety and depression can be treated at home using red light therapy. Read more on red light therapy benefits for mental health at RLT Home. Another good place to start is to consider some of the following emotions that might be a good indication that you should seek help. It is especially important to consider them

Here are the primary emotions that you should try to track:

A sense of being overwhelmed

Of course it is natural to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but if you are feeling that aspects of your life are too great to handle on a regular basis, it might be a strong sign that you should seek professional help. Stress and being overwhelmed can lead to major mental and physical health issues. If you are starting to feel like you can’t keep up with your life, it might be time to get some help from someone who can help you!

Constant fatigue

If you are feeling incredibly tired and fatigued no matter how much you are sleeping, it could be a strong sign that you are dealing with some other mental health issues. The reason why is because fatigue is often a symptom that accompanies more serious mental health problems. It is one of the many reasons why so many people who are struggling with depression have a hard time getting out of bed.

Rage and anger

If you are experiencing lots or rage, anger or resentment throughout the day, it could be a sign that you are not in good control of your emotions and could need professional health to do so. With that being said, there is nothing wrong with being angry sometimes.  Everyone feels anger at times, and even passing rage is natural, albeit somewhat harmful. However, if you feel like your anger is starting to impact parts of your life, like relationships, your work or school, or other activities that you enjoy, you will want to speak with someone.

Fear of going outside

If you are finding yourself afraid to go outside – otherwise known as agoraphobia – you will absolutely want to seek professional help. Typically, people are afraid to go outside because they are worried that they might experience panic attacks by entering an uncontrolled environment. This is a major sign that your anxiety is controlling you rather than the other way around. If you are sensing like you are trapped inside your own house due to fear of going outside, it is absolutely time to seek professional mental help.

A sense of hopelessness

If you are starting to feel hopeless about aspects – or all – of your life, it is something to keep track of. Feeling as if you have no future ahead of you can indicate depression or another mental health condition. Remember, feeling hopeless from time to time is not a major cause for concern. Hopelessness is sadly part of life at times, but if you are feeling it on a day-to-day basis or multiple times per day, you will want to find someone who can help you.

Social withdrawal

Another strong sign that you are struggling with a mental health condition is if you are spending less time with your family and friends. A lot of people feel better when they are able to spend some time alone. That is especially true for introverts. But taking some alone time to emotionally recharge. However, if you are getting distressed around others or are fully afraid of being in social settings, therapy can definitely help you form better social habits so that you can return back to your normal way of socializing.


A lack of interest in things that you used to love or be passionate about can be a major indication of depression or some other mental illness. If you are feeling apathetic on a regular basis and find it hard to do much of anything, speaking with a mental health professional could certainly help.

Thoughts of self-harm

This is one of the most serious indications that you may need to seek help. If you are having any thoughts of hurting yourself or even experience suicidal ideation, you need to contact a mental health professional immediately and seek help so that you can make sure that you are safe and unharmed.